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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glitter Gal Australia: 2-3D Holos Pretties

Glitter Gal Australia has provided press samples for review.  I love them! 
I have pictures provided by Glitter Gal however, this is the first polish brand that I see that the color looks exactly THE SAME in my own pictures.  ^_^  #happy

Check out 2 shades of 3D holographic polish
First up is Marine Blue
Courtesy of  Glitter Gal Australia

 photo IMG_2539_wm_zpsb2eeaf6c.jpg

no sun/sun dots! :) 

 photo CAM01832-1_wm_zps16e410e5.jpg  photo CAM01836-1_wm_zpsa6d0db4e.jpg

and lastly, Transfusion.

Courtesy of  Glitter Gal Australia

 photo IMG_2542_wm_zpse1dbb600.jpg

Decorate or wear alone.  Super elegant. 

 photo CAM01837-1_wm_zpse975db20.jpg  photo CAM01835-1_wm_zps20d6e7be.jpg

Made in Australia
They are 5-free and cruelty free.
Long wearing and chip resistant
Use "true and premium" small holographic particles
"Glitter Gal uses the highest quality, most extravagant ingredients to offer our customers the most superior polish on the international market" As stated by Glitter Gal, I have proven this fact.

I cant wait to try their makeup too! oh yeah! they have makeup too!! ;)

Check out their site. They ship virtually EVERYWHERE in the world
Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter
Click HERE for a store near you or HERE to buy Marine Blue.  Transfusion has been soo popular that has been sold out! 

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  1. I have recently started paying attention to Glitter Gal, i love their holos, just got Belgian Chocolate, but oooo I am liking that Transfusion shade

    1. wow!!! Belgian Chocolate is to die for!!!!!! :)
      you'll love transfusion shades ;) dont be afraid to try ;)

  2. Thanks so much again from the Glitter Gals Australia - Kerry and Annax