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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Indie Invasion: Sick Lacquers (hint: Halloween)

 photo SickLacquers_zps2fd32f81.jpg

First up.  I dont only love this polish but love its name.  It's Cornny Candy.  
Different shapes glitter, hexes and bars in candy corn colors on a clear base.
Gorgeous over black!
 photo SickLacquers9_zps1e5988ac.jpg  photo SickLacquers8_zpsbe49326f.jpg

So that there is no doubt!!! 
It's Fall Y'all
is a gorgeous super adorable (pictures do no justice) made up of a gorgeous array of fall-color glitters on a light pinkish-coralish base.
 photo SickLacquers7_zps15faede4.jpg  photo SickLacquers6_zps4ebe5c5a.jpg

Halloween Dreams is made up of different size glitters all in halloween-y colors :) in a white base.  A little thick but still cute

 photo SickLacquers5_zps747e2756.jpg  photo SickLacquers4_zps4cc859b8.jpg

Bloody Mary: Has got to be my favorite of all.  It has lots of metallic red and black hexes, dots, hearts and bars in a white "milky" base.

 photo SickLacquers3_zpsfb37dd2e.jpg  photo SickLacquers2_zps29b8cd31.jpg 

They are gorgeous.  Sick Lacquers is BIG3FREE 
and can be found on Etsy for $7.00
and of course, be sure to like them on Facebook
What do you think???

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