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Friday, November 8, 2013

Bye-Bye cellulite and sagging skin: Wellbox Review and GIVEAWAY

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As part of a product review, I received the Wellbox, an at-home non-invasive professional beauty care device for Lipomassage and Liftmassage.

Want a naturally thinner and sculpted body, redefined figure, less cellulite and firmer skin?? You'll want this!!!

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Since it's MY BIRTHDAY week... I just have to share this with you.  I have come to an age where I started to realize that things are not exactly where they have always been as they start to sag.  I am not very comfortable with the unhealthy habits I have picked up over the years and of course, the signs and proof of these habits.

Not liking to work out and living a rather sedentary life has really taken a toll, specifically with the showing of cellulite that I always said "that would never happen to me".  Well, it has happened! :/

Wellbox is making me feel pretty again from the comfort of my own home.  Without privacy-invasive visits to the spa.  I have been using the Wellbox for about 60 days, 2-3 times per week (not religiously-shame on me!) It basically releases localized fat resistant to diet and exercise. The fat stuck to the body that we cannot get rid of unless we visit a very expensive spa or undergo the knife (the latter is not an option). 

It treats the face and body to fight sagging skin and cellulite. 

"Body Treatment: The Wellbox releases localized fat resistant to diet and exercise. When using the roll heads, Wellbox targets the adipocytes (fat cells) and acts like a mechanical lipolysis."

"Face Treatment: Wellbox efficiently helps to fight sagging skin, smoothes lines and gives the skin a healthy glow on the face, neck and décolleté. By using the face modules, the Wellbox acts as a mechanical collagen activator."

"It offers at-home, unprecedented durable results without surgery. Reinvent your daily beauty routine with the Wellbox!"

Easy to use, easy to read and understand.  The machine is fool proof once you get the hang of it to do this all you need to do is read a chart. 
It also comes with a full instructional DVD that breaks up every functions so it's very easy to navigate and for ease of access instructional videos are also available HERE.

 photo IMG_2760_zps7a04cead.jpg
Comes with five treatment heads... 3 for the body and 2 for the face (the lifters)
 photo IMG_2762_zps2800632c.jpg
Treatment head with rollers
 photo IMG_2761_zpsbea32fcf.jpg
Top Cover stores treatment heads are well marked and fool proof
 photo IMG_2765_zps2bbddef6.jpg
Everything has its place
 photo IMG_2763_zpsc43e7d7e.jpg

To start:  Push the "on" button
Set your time
 photo IMG_2769_zps421b2c7f.jpg


 photo IMG_2770_zps8590df31.jpg

My favorite features are the ab toning and cellulite smoother.  My next phase of "treatment" is going to be face slimming.  Am tired of my stupid double chin showing on pictures... it's just NOT pretty.

And I have the lift head for the job for it too!! :)

 photo IMG_2766_zps1137f3bc.jpg

and never never use without a filter... look at the yucky "fuzzies" collected.

 photo IMG_2774_zps7133d717.jpg

When finished, simply, put everything back, close the lid and carry your egg-shaped beautifier.  The machine is heavy!!! but I can still lift it :) and store it away or simply leave it tabletop it's very appealing to they eye wont be an eyesore to your home decor.  It'll just look like a pretty thing wherever you put it!

 photo IMG_2776_zpseb6f7d65.jpg
Wellbox has an outstanding rate of customer satisfaction.  The device pays for itself in a few months and can be purchased with a payment plan and you'll have it for ever.  Here's a little sample of what my legs looked like before Wellbox in just about 60 days there has been a lot of change.  Consistency  is the key, I haven't been very consistent and I am completely satisfied with the results achieved.  It's was tricky to photograph the back of my legs but it definitely shows where localized problems are.   In my opinion, you need to compliment your Wellbox with diet and exercise for optimal results!

 photo IMG_4378_zps04161c9a.jpg
 photo IMG_4375_zps20e63035.jpg

I am super thankful to Wellbox for the opportunity to feature their amazing product on my blog and they are sooo sure you are going to love it that in honor of the celebratory mood we're in they are also giving my fans (US Only) the opportunity to win your very own a valued at over $1,400.

(All entries will be verified.  Prize fullfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor)

EEEEEEK!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
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  1. I am currently trying to lose weight & smooth out my body post total hysterectomy (at 33 yrs old...ugh). I could certainly use this awesome tool!!!

  2. I have been working hard to loose weight but still have a soft flabby belly (cute huh?) this would help tone it up a bit to help show off my hard work!

  3. I exercise and do crossfit, but my legs still have all my cellulite :( I need a kick but solution

  4. I have been working out for a while but I do not like the way my legs look in the back! I feel I am too young (34) to have cellulite and I would like it to go AWAY!! :)

  5. I would love to win this! I will probably buy it if I dont haha! I have always struggled with my body image because of the cellulite on my legs!

  6. God my poor legs, thank genetics haha I want pretty legs again!

  7. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed