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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Falling through the Rainbow: GREEN

Today's color is GREEN as in my favorite soccer team who this week won its second championship in a row.  So as a tribute to them I am using my very own CUSTOM MADE nail polish from Creations by Lynda and came up with this mani

 photo verdolaga_zps85c5858e.jpg
As you have seen, I have reviewed with great honor and pleasure some of Lynda's pretties.  As a thank you/Christmas gift (I called it a birthday present), Lynda asked me to ask for whatever I wanted!! EEEK! I was besides my self... My very own custom color that I get to envision, help create and even NAME!!!! 
and of course, I couldnt come up with anything at the time and asked her to surprise me but then Nacional, my favorite soccer team, won that week and the happiness took over and ding ding ding!!! LIGHT BULB!!

I sent Lynda a picture from their Facebook page with their logo and uniform and Lynda worked her magic and in one, two and three! voila!! all done! and she nailed it in the head!!!! even with the stars symbolizing every championship won.  
The team's name in Atletico Nacional, or Nacional for short and its fans are nicknamed Verdolaga referencing the green in its colors.  So guess what I named it!!!! 


Thank you Lynda.  I am an official die-hard fan.

Using Zoya Hunter of the Cashmere collection and my go-to-white Snow Me White and nail plate Pueen44 This is what I came up with . 

 photo IMG_3120-1_wm_zps7b76bea9.jpg
 photo IMG_3122-1_wm_zps144863dc.jpg  photo IMG_3126-1_wm_zps9882a0e6.jpg  photo IMG_3129-1_wm_zpse7ad8278.jpg  photo IMG_3130-1_wm_zpscedc25a2.jpg  photo IMG_3134-1_wm_zps509c614d.jpg

Juan David Valencia makes the winning goal in the home game that gave us the Championship second time in a row thus declaring the team, the BEST team in Colombian professional soccer.  Any soccer fans out there?? here's the clip of that amazing kick.

be sure to check out Lynda's site for other beauties. Creations by Lynda are not only polish-pretties, also soap, cuticle oil and even soy candles and is also on Facebook.

Did I like my gift they asked??? WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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  1. Awesome dear. LoVe the polish .. u r a real fan :-)

  2. These are really cute I love how you added stars!!

  3. Fun! I like how you showed the build up to the final manicure