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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Falling through the Rainbow: Yellow

Today's color is YELLOW as in MINIONS!!!!!! I always wanted to make a minions mani and this was the perfect excuse, I am happy with my first attempt.  What do you think??

The color is Sunlight by Glimmer by Erica and Zoya Darcy for minion finger. 

 photo CAM01991_wm_zps344b37b1.jpg  photo CAM01988_wm_zps38418c55.jpg  photo CAM01985_wm_zps243f4a32.jpg

Be sure to check out everyone's mani through this fun challenge.

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  1. Minion! I like them as accent nails better than all the nails. Well done!

    1. I did wonder about that... but your comment made me happy! thanks!!! <3

  2. AHHHH!!!! It's so cute!!! I love this movie!!!

  3. Minions!!!! I love Despicable Me! Cute manis