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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gifts gifts gifts... sexy useful gifts: Girly Go Garter

 photo IMG_3208_zps30cbd49d.jpg

I love gifts and especially sexy gifts... and anything with lace it's sexy, to me.  Like this Girly go Garter that was sent to me for review.
This is the most innovative item I've personally seen... I love dresses and always struggle with what purse to wear, what wristlet will match... WHAT IF I DONT WANT TO CARRY ANYTHING???  ohh yeah! when that happened I relied on my boyfriend's jacket to put my phone, lipstick/gloss, ID and cash (not really I relied on his cash too!) (haha!! I wish!!)

I dont have to worry about that anymore.
 photo IMG_3209_zps0e81038e.jpg

The Girly Go Garter is a lacey garter that adheres to your thigh 

Red GirlyGoGarter®

With inside pockets 

 photo IMG_3210_zps32004c82.jpg

for phone, cash, ID and those little things you dont want to lug a purse for but need with you at all times so it's kept right at your finger tips... ohhh and no need to worry about those car keys either, throw them in your garter along with your passport, lipstick, powder and mirror...or your mace (hey, you never know).. it all fits!!!!!!!
 photo IMG_3211_zpsc5e669e3.jpg  photo IMG_3213_zps9e2a6fc8.jpg 

Comes in different colors and sizes (0-18) and retails for $35.00
Check your size.  Mine was too loose, so am going to have to get one that fits because this is a must have... in the meantime, this will make a great gift perhaps for my secret Santa :) 

For more info be sure to check their site and of course, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sexy indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. haha! Lorelie don't do what we normally do with our purses when are nails are drying... "honey can you reach in for my lipgloss"

    2. lmao no you didnt. lmao ROTF you know I am he's going to want to buy me another one