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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Indie Invasion: Daphine Polish Swatches and Review

 photo IMG_3248-1_wm_zpsab5a005d.jpg

Ahhh the Holidays get closer and closer and you can tell as you start releasing holiday nail polish reviews like the one am bringing you today. 

These three pretties are from daphine polish.

First up is Blue Spruce a full-range rainbow holographic Christmas-y green.  It's a green with a blue name :)
"named after the type of pine tree that is often used as a Christmas tree. It’s also a reference to one of my favorite movies, “While You Were Sleeping”. As Sandra Bullock attempts to haul a Christmas tree up the side of her apartment building on a rope, she exclaims “I should’ve gotten the blue spruce, they’re lighter.”"

Now there's a movie am gonna have to watch!!! Think I've seen it though but I looove Sandra Bullock.

 photo IMG_3217-1_wm-1_zps7d4df745.jpg  photo IMG_3214-1_wm-2_zpsbe441ea8.jpg

Now on to Anuket.  This one is the glam of a copper tone semi-holo with red and orange glitter... Another holiday hit!
" Anuket is the personification and goddess of the Nile River. She is portrayed as a women with a headdress of feathers and her sacred animal is a gazelle. At the beginning of the annual flooding of the Nile, Ancient Egyptians celebrated the Festival of Anuket. During this festival people threw coins, gold, jewelry, and other precious gifts in to the river as thanks for the waters that brought life to the Nile basin."

 photo IMG_3218-1_wm_zps46f73ea9.jpg  photo IMG_3220-1_wm_zpsb37f38a8.jpg

and lastly, Blue Sun More of a jelly type polish gooorgeous gives hues of blue and green as seen in the bottom photo.
" takes its name from the mysterious corporation in "Firefly." 
 photo IMG_3225-1_wm_zps0a436b79.jpg  photo IMG_3245_wm_zps51dbbbb8.jpg

All colors are available on daphine polish Etsy store and retail for $10.  Visit her store for more beautiful colors.

Also check out her social media platforms

What do you think of these pretties and their stories??? Do tell!! I love reading your comments!!!

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  1. I absolutely love the color Firefly! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous swatches im putting this on my list if got to get!

    1. Although I love the holo of blue spruce I absolutely love the different hues in Blue Sun "firefly" :)

  2. Anuket is absolutely marvelous colour!

  3. you have to see it shine live!!! it's wow! 'nuff said!

  4. The green holo and the blue-green are my faves of the three. Thanks for the swatches, this indie brand is completely new to me, I'll have to check out the shop

    1. :)
      I love indies... and yes... I am sooo super happy to bring this discovery to you! :)