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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Glitter Gal Australia: Holiday In Oz

Hello mates!
Today I have the Glitter Gal Australia Holiday in OZ collection made up of six beauties from this high quality ultimate beauty brand.

Redback:  Aussie outback jelly red
 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz3_zps3e9fbccb.jpg  photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz2_zpse0381d50.jpg

Bluemerang: Keeps compliments coming back.  Also the perfect babyshower blue..
 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz9_zpsd278386e.jpg

My babyshower improvised nailart :)

 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz8_zpsa26f84aa.jpg
Big Smoke: Smokey gray for classy or classic manis

 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz10_zps92e34adc.jpg

 White Pointer: White staple for any collection
 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz6_zps57b28fbe.jpg

True Blue Aussie:  True gorgeous jelly blue (with blue being my favorite color.  I am biased)
 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz12_zpsb40bf3c3.jpg  photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz_zps89ccce92.jpg

Dorothy's Revenge: Tap those shoes and dazzle those nails! with these jelly orangy with rainbow holo glitter.  She means business!

 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz5_zps2323aac2.jpg  photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz4_zpsf72e122c.jpg

Lastly, · Gloss Boss – 15ml – rrp $14.95
How many times you have been asked for a top coat that doesn’t take away the holographic effects – well here it is! A top coat that can be used on crèmes or used to enhance holographic and special effect formulas. It is a high impact gloss top coat with a gel like finish. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TOP COAT EVER!!!!!

Seen here over Marine Blue

 photo GlitterGalAustraliaOz11_zpsb0d518dc.jpg

Made in Australia
They are 5-free and cruelty free.
Long wearing and chip resistant
Use "true and premium" small holographic particles
"Glitter Gal uses the highest quality, most extravagant ingredients to offer our customers the most superior polish on the international market" As stated by Glitter Gal and I have proven this fact.

Check out their site. They ship virtually EVERYWHERE in the world
Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter

P.S. Pardon  my cuticles winter has been really tough on them and I have neglected them :(

Which one is your favorite??? I love reading your comments!!!

 photo oz_zps4067b510.jpg


  1. Great colors and swatches! There pretty :)

  2. I haven't tried anything non-holo from glitter gal yet, I like Big Smoke, I've been going for the smoke colors lately! I am most curious about Gloss Boss, however, I'd love a top coat that doesn't interfere with some holos that weaken with topcoat

    1. smoke is a big trend now.. like smokey eyes paired with smokey nails :)
      and yes, this is the top coat you are looking for :)

  3. Beautiful nail polishes, and you have really gorgeous nails!

    1. thank you and aww much thank you... it's an everyday struggle am a recovering dry-skin biter :( but comments like these make me stronger.. thanks a mill! :)

  4. Thanks so much you are amazing from the Glitter Gal's down under Kerry and Annaxxxx

    1. <3 hi!!!!! I love to have you visit the blog!!! and you and your polishes are even more amazing... <3