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Friday, May 23, 2014

RED THUMB 2 STOP : Blog for a cause

Hello friends:

I read a wonderful article this week that gave me an idea that could only succeed if we work together, whether you blog or don't, have a Facebook page, or not, I encourage your participation. 

The article, which I also shared on my FB page that day, talked about men getting their pointers polished for different reasons... but the one I liked the most was some guy named Steve that paints his thumb nail red to stop him from texting while driving because a family friend was killed by a distracted driver. 

This really touched me, because I too, have known people who are now in a better place for this same reason, and as a motorcyclist, I have come to very close calls all because the driver was distracted. 

I thought it was a brilliant idea if we make, starting on June 8, 2014 a DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE AWARENESS WEEK.... an InLinks will be set up for bloggers as well as an album on my page with all of our pictures, we can all still do our regular manis but we're painting our thumbs RED! reminding ourselves and creating awareness to drive hands-free, 

the red thumb acts as a stop sign when we grab our phones.. it reminds us to STOP .. WE'RE DRIVING!!!!! The idea is for the red to stand out, so please do a regular NOT-RED mani and paint your thumb RED, if not both, do your dominant hand, the one you'll grab your phone with, nail art absolutely acceptable.

Although this isn't terribly unique, you never know, TAKE THIS PLEDGE it may save a life, many people, myself included, are guilty of this distraction from time to time, not just texting but checking our social media platforms, pages we like, and the like.  Let's also bring some conscience to others. 

I also encourage male participation.. I have already enlisted a group of supportive men, can't wait to paint them :) 

If you're a blogger or page owner, anywhere in the world, and want to participate, please send me your info so I have it and keep you posted on news about the event. click HERE to submit your form that way we can stay in touch and discuss ideas. Red Thumb 2 Stop is the focus here and PLEASE PLEASE spread the word.  Bloggers and pages participating please share!!

You DO NOT have to blog or own a page to be part of this... we're calling out EVERYONE all over the world to take this pledge to be a safer driver.  You can post your picture AND one of your mom, dad, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, grannys, daughter, son, siblings, GO OUT AND PAINT EVERYONE'S NAILS and show us at www.facebook.com/bsnfun

For Twitter and Instagram USE EVENT HASHTAG: #RedThumb2Stop 

The article that inspired the idea can be found HERE

THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME, I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON! and can't wait to see those red thumbs.