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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sally Hansen Nail Care Products

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When I think of nail care, I typically would not think of Sally Hansen, if you do, why didn't you ever mention it??

For the past few weeks, I've been check these products out and I have had a generally positive experience. 

My number ONE issue is cuticle care.  As a recovering nail biter, when you bite your nails, if you bite low enough (sometimes bleeds) cuticle biting comes with it.  

For years, and even thorough this day, hard, dried cuticles have been an issue, so needless to say, I keep all sorts of hydrating creams, cuticle oils and balms.

Sally Hansen's Cuticle Eraser and Balm comes in a cute round container with spiral design, smells divine, citrucy sweet (if that makes any sense), hence very appealing to the senses and and not an eye sore to my neatly kept makeup bag, (yes, I keep it with my makeup bag) and follow this advice:  When makeup needs to be retouched, chances are your cuticles do too! so just do both!  
The texture is similar, a tad smoother, to that of an EOS lip balm, just right! the thing is that it needs to be applied with your fingers and although absorbed very quickly leaves a bit of a "greasy" finger, not very convenient if you're applying on the go but once applied and absorbed keeps cuticles hydrated longer than a fast absorbing cuticle oil.   I use it after a fresh manicure.

For on the go and a little drier skin, Sally Hansen offers Cuticle Rehab, this one is brush-on, so good for on the go, clean fingers and revitalizes nails as well as cuticles, helping with nail breakage.

But for instant relief, is the Instant Cuticle Remover.  It works so great to remove cuticles, it sort of "melts" then use my Sally Hansen cuticle pusher (see below) and done.  Dead skin goes away leaving my nails ready for paint.

 photo sallyhansennailcare-3_zps2c3299ac.jpg

The cuticle pusher I mentioned, is a double ended pusher/groomer, cleans, cuts, pushes.  I love the curved end, gets those cuticles where they need to go in the right angle minimizing need to cut or nip.

 photo sallyhansennailcare-2_zpse4c76381.jpg

Occasionally, I like to buff my nails, Sally Hansen carries that too! A lot of people do not recommend buffing because they feel they are "shaving" off a thin layer of your nail bed.  Personally, I love doing it.  Removes ridges, stains, evens the surface and buffs to an ultimate shine and all of that, stimulates nail growth.  Just look at my pinky nail.  Ultimate shine, the camera flash just bounces off my nails you can tell which one(s) are buffed.
Clean, even and smooth nail beds help nail polish to adhere better.  If you're having issues with peeling or chipping nail polish, try this buffer.

 photo sallyhansennailcare-4_zps8363eb3a.jpg

After all of the above, your cuticles may need a slight trim, do not get in the habit of cutting your cuticles, as they will grow bigger and stronger (only if hair and nails worked like that).  Be it as it may, some stubborn cuticles will remain after pushing, shoving, buffing, etc.  just cut it! but dont make it a habit.  These babies do the job!

I like these scissors better than a nipper because the nipper insists that you nip a little more here and little more there... it's tempting to overnip and then you're stuck with irritated cuticles and later overgrown cuticles and that is NOT ok!

These babies are also EXCELLENT for cutting striping tape when working with your nail art designs (that's what I use them for the most). 

 photo sallyhansennailcare-1_zps61c4bd1d.jpg

Speaking of nail art, This Clean-Up Pen, is the ultimate accessory for nail art.
How many times has it happened to you that you're working on an intricate floral design (or any design for that matter) and a petal size is way off, there's no way of fixing that! and you have to start from base coat.
Q-tips don't always do the trick if it's a small design.  This pen has a precise-angled tip and comes with two replacements.  I guess you could use it for clean up after you paint your nails to clean off excess nail polish on your fingers, but I didn't really like it for that, it feels like hydrating nail polish remover so requires a little extra work to do all the removal.  To clean my fingers, I love acetone and a Q-tip gets it right off but for nail art corrections and small clean up jobs, this is the best tool.
Like I did HERE

 photo sallyhansennailcare-5_zpsf9cbf482.jpg
To be able to do anything fun with your nails, you must nourish, hydrate and harden.
I do recommend these.

 photo sallyhansennailcare_zpsf7ce109e.jpg 

Sally Hansen products can be found in mass retail stores and pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and the like as well as beauty supply stores and online retailers.
Check out their website and be sure to follow their social media platforms.


What's your nail care faves or routine???

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  1. They look and sound like nice nail care products. I've only ever tried their cuticle remover.

  2. you are so right about the nipper. I think that is why i overnip. you just go and go. I need those scisors . thank you