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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Barielle Vibrants set: swatches and nailart

**press sample**

 photo BarielleVibrants-13_zps9657c1cb.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-14_zps46d356e5.jpg

It's still spring right????  mid-spring is the time to begin looking for summer colors, but here's a set that would surely resurface in your stash for multiple seasons.

It's the Barielle's Spring 2014 Vibrants.  They are surely bold, sassy, sexy and of course, vibrant.

First up is My City Apartment: a light cream gray, soft, subtle yet emotionally available for those sassy nights.

 photo BarielleVibrants_zpsdf85da98.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-1_zpsc68bb278.jpg

This one has got to be my fave.  Name: Take me Shopping.  Status: Drooling ^_^
A gals dreams! This one's a keeper.
Although it looks a little coral in the pics.. it's a bright coralish-hot pink ^_^

 photo BarielleVibrants-9_zpsbc94ce70.jpg

Season perfect, whether spring or summer 2014, mint in the thing
and this is Money Talks...
   photo BarielleVibrants-7_zpseb831d59.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-6_zps43fcc001.jpg

Designer Shoes: A burple - Purple with blueish tone "burple"
I love the name.

 photo BarielleVibrants-3_zps6a70c6c5.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-2_zpse627492d.jpg

this First Class Ticket takes you in a coat or two to a real sky blue color.

   photo BarielleVibrants-5_zpsff469876.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-4_zps404202e0.jpg

Using My City Apartment, Designer Shoes and Take Me Shopping for a gradient with PixelPiece's QA16 and QA24 I came up with this design.
 photo BarielleVibrants-11_zpsd5509e3c.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-12_zpsaa3a016f.jpg  photo BarielleVibrants-10_zps03274640.jpg

As you can tell m=by the names of the pretties, they are up-scale living, vibrantly inspired... to surely take you to another place with First Class Ticket and back to your My City Apartment ;) For the rich and bright (or not so rich) These retail for $8.00 each.

Barielle is 5-free.  For more colors and products visit Barielle.com and of course, like them on Facebook and now on Instagram, for cool swatches and photos.

Which one is your favorite... do tell.. I love reading your comments

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  1. What a fun collection! Those are some great shades.

  2. Very nice colors! And the stamping is cute :)