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Sunday, June 8, 2014

#RedThumb2Stop My Pledge

 photo RedThumbt2Stop_zps6e47cbc1.jpg

June 8th seemed so far away when we first started talking about this pledge and here we are today....

If for some reason, you have not heard about this event... Read HERE for full details but essentially, we're inviting everyone from EVERYWHERE to participate just by painting your thumb's nail red.  The color red serves as a "stop" sign to remind us NOT to text and drive. 

Post your pledges on my page at www.facebook.com/bsnfun or Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #RedThumb2Stop 

Texting and driving is dangerous!!!! It kills!!!!

Here's my pledge:
I used SinfulColors Get it On from the Leatherluxe collection, stamped with Snow Me White using Plate KXP06
I loved the matte look, however, I had to add top coat, used a shiny one, to protect the stamped image

 photo RedThumb2Stop_zpsd556571f.jpg

I then added a pink bow rhinestone :) from PixelPiece
 photo RedThumb2Stop-2_zps7ca26e8e.jpg
 photo RedThumb2Stop-1_zps92b600b5.jpg

I hereby pledge NOT to text and drive... it is illegal, unnecessary and dangerous.  Think of those you leave behind.

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  1. Nice red thumb for the pledge! I can't wait to see the others and post mine.

    1. aww Lisa <3 I can't wait to see the others and yours as well :)

  2. Hope the message gets out there. So unnecessary, all the grief that action has caused. And over what? "what'd you have for lunch?" Your red thumb design is great!

    1. I hope so too!! and thank you.. I hope also see your red thumb <3

  3. I hope I did that right hahaha. sorry I was late!!