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Monday, June 23, 2014

NYC New York Color City Samba Collection: Nails

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Think: Brazilian beauty escape. NYC has a limited edition color inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil...  the country "de moda".  Sexy beaches and sizzling sun here in New York with this limited edition collection.

Quick Dry nail polish in electrifying simmer shades.  These are high pigment colors with a slight hint of shimmer.

 photo NYCsamba_Fotor_Collage_zpsb125b944.jpg

First up is Palm on the Beach.  Is a tropical green shade, bright but not neon... it's very close to becoming one of my faves this summer...  it's chic and sleek for a green and a magnet for compliments.  but unfortunately it stained.  I have wore it again with reinforced base coats with no issues (so far) .. I just really like this shade.

 photo IMG_2336NYCsamba_zps616de1c7.jpg  photo IMG_2334NYCsamba_zps50ea1ceb.jpg
Jacaranda Flower .. its named after an actual flower native of tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America and it's of course purple.  This is perfect inspiration for this shade and collection.

 photo IMG_2333NYCsamba_zps522ec50f.jpg  photo IMG_2332NYCsamba_zps4f5de5f2.jpg

and lastly, Tropicoral: sounds like a fun tiki bar along a beach makes me want to go there.  Coral has proven to be this year's summer nail color and this one is right on the money!

 photo IMG_2330NYCsamba_zpsa02e079d.jpg  photo IMG_2329NYCsamba_zps03f67e39.jpg

Fun dotticure!

 photo IMG_2345NYCsamba_zps18c0325a.jpg

These pretties retail for $1.99 and are available until September in drugstores and mass retailers.

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