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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SuperCat™ Plush Toys

**press sample**

Summer 2014 has released a lot of goodies in beauty, shoes and nails and also fun especially for the furry ones... :) 

Like these Supercat plus toys with "rechargeable" catnip spray.
If you know anything about cats, you should know how much they love catnip and anything that smells like it.
Catnip scent is released each time they toy is rubbed or scratched and stays fresh for up to 6 weeks.

 photo cattoys_zpsbf26a685.jpg

Look how much she loves it... oK! this is candid posed shot ;)

 photo cattoys-7_zps81d1ec2a.jpg

But here... she's really enjoying her playtime.

 photo cattoys-6_zpsc9aef248.jpg

and of course... they're enough for both! ^_^

 photo cattoys-1_zpsb7d4931e.jpg  photo cattoys-2_zps600ae72a.jpg

They are now inseparable.
They are made of soft material and my cats love it and to me, that is priceless. 

 photo cattoys-3_zpscd17509c.jpg 

Supercat is part of the Quaker Pet Group family.  Be sure to check their site to see the entire lineup of family member companies and like them on Facebook for more info, promos and product launches.

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