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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colombian Independence Day Nails

I have a long day and and have had a week from far far far in the earth's core (where's there is fire) but I couldnt neglect my beautiful country's independence day.. for some relaxing, I am headed to church and then off to a Colombian festival to celebrate this day!

Must be a subtle, well.. I say subtle because our colors are quite bright, and I doubt I will have time to change my mani before my meeting tomorrow.. so here it is... I hope you like it...

This is Zoya Dream and Chantal at the base of the accent nail.  Using stripes I re-created the Colombian flag.

What do you think?

Simple! yet delivers! This took about 3 minutes to do :D  Can't beat stripes when on-the-go!

 photo colombiannails1_zpsdab5b7cc.jpg  photo colombiannails_zps1fa5848c.jpg

P.S. sorry the stripes smeared a bit with the top coat.

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