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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Against the Grain Cat Food

**press sample**
(also available for doggies)

This is a totally different line of cat dinners with no "stock" ingredients but rather the makers have gone to Thailand for ocean-caught fish and other proteins and to their farmers market for hand selected native fruits and vegetables resulting in very cat pleasing recipes.  All GMO-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and certified dolphin-safe.

conveniently packaged in one serving containers.  Lid easily peels off and food can be left on the container as opposed to canned food which is a hazard because of the sharp edges. 

Maya and Milo, my cats, have very healthy appetites but Maya can be a little picky.  She absolutely loved all of the different varieties.  I did not mix it with her favorite food, and quite frankly I wasnt so sure, she'd go for it, I wasnt worried about Milo but Maya didn't even let Milo near these!  I had to feed him in my room because she tried on numerous occasions to finish off his after eating hers. 

If you saw her eating you would've thought this poor cat had not been fed in weeks.  Milo and I just looked at eachother amazed.

and yes, she ate it in one sitting.

 photo maya_zps7cdf4815.jpg
 photo IMG_2318_zps9c959b58.jpg

For more information visit AgainstTheGrainPetFood.com and also on Facebook.

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