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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Barielle: Fall/Winter 2014 collection – ME COUTURE!!

**press sample**

If you have been reading, Autumn has got to be my favorite season it simply has so much to offer in terms of fun and color and of course in terms of new nail polish collections.

Today, I bring you Barielle's Me Couture.  What an ideal name for this sophisticated set of colors.  Let's take a closer look.

 photo BarielleFall-3_Fotor_Collage_zps23bb575b.jpg
Purple and pink has always been one of my favorite color combos.

Here are Soho at Night and Berry Posh, grape purple and fuchsia and using QA40 from PixelPiece  added some cute teddy bears. 

 photo BarielleFall_zpse203aaa3.jpg

with the same color combo and rhinestones also from PixelPiece.  Came up with this mani.

 photo BarielleFall-1_zps1d03bdf1.jpg

Fall isn't complete without some halloween nail art and halloween nail art isn't the same without a jack-o' lanterns and a haunted house over Taupe Notch, a dark taupe and Soho at Night gradient tip.

 photo BarielleFall-10_zps06dfa7af.jpg

ok! one jack o' lantern leads to another and BM305 finishes the look.

 photo BarielleFall-12_zps5cd86c81.jpg  photo BarielleFall-11_zpseccfce2c.jpg

Next up is Boho Chic, deep sea green

 photo BarielleFall-8_zps60fae32c.jpg

 photo BarielleFall-9_zps6ce6e0e2.jpg

Vintage Gown, rusty with a hint of pink shimmer.

 photo BarielleFall-3_zpse3101d74.jpg  photo BarielleFall-2_zpscc99ad8f.jpg

Here's Taupe Notch on its own.   Classy and elegant.

 photo BarielleFall-5_zps6bb84e9b.jpg

 photo BarielleFall-4_zps881b3f77.jpg

and lastly, Moda Bleu a true, royal, NY Giants blue.  I'm in love, yet again.

 photo BarielleFall-7_zpsa6259e1b.jpg  photo BarielleFall-6_zps4f888a64.jpg

all are creamy colors, apply easily, dry quickly, are durable AND BIG-3 FREE,  seen here in two coats without top coat

For more colors and products visit Barielle.com and of course, like them on Facebook and now on Instagram, for cool swatches and photos. These retail for $8.00 each or you can get a set.

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