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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indie Invasion: Ellagee LE Winter Magic Collection

**press sample**

Guess what's in the pretty toole bags ^_^ it's winter magic.

 photo ellagee_zps2e7cf09d.jpg

Six LE (limited edition) polishes made of novelty glitters available only through 12/31/2014 and you, my fellow nail polish addict/indie supporter will want to have them.

Check them out and note the middle shot... .SPARKLES!!!! and they all come decorated with a removable crystal ring that you can borrow from the caps and a bag of nail art goodies and rhinestone rings, for your bottles, even though my bottles let me borrow them.

 photo ellagee-1_zps38a92e59.jpg

Let's take a closer look.  To me, glitters compliment any color but potential is truly seen over black and white and being a holiday collection I chose NYC Crown Gold for tip effect. 

This is Chanukah Gifts 
" clear base with tiny bright blue metallic glitter with silver holo squares and triangles and gold holo dots to represent the traditional dreidels and gelt and comes with a small bag of silver holo bows for nail art."

 photo ellagee-9_zps735e3a37.jpg

Look at Snowy Snowy Night
a clear base with rainbow iridescent glitters and silver holo stars and snowflakes in a mix of blue glitters and comes with a small bag of silver holo penguins for nail art"

Being a fan of blue, this really took my breath away... I would let it snow.

 photo ellagee-10_zpsf794ef8b.jpg

This is Christmas Time in the City
a clear base with red and green glitters in various shapes and sizes and silver holo dots and bells and comes with a small bag of Christmas tree glitter for nail art"

Having visited one of the most beautiful cities in the winter, Medellin Colombia and NYC, of course, this is a true telling of Christmas Time in the City.

 photo ellagee-8_zpsaf90b579.jpg

Mele Kalikimaka, one of my favorite phrases, it means "Merry Christmas" in Hawaii.  Another beautiful place for the holidays, this took me back to gorgeous sunsets while at the Luau during my last stay there.

" a clear base with an island flavored mix of turquoise, emerald, and red holo glitters with silver holo dolphins and comes with a small bag of silver holo flowers for nail art."

 photo ellagee-7_zpsf7dd568f.jpg

Baby It's Cold Outside... This one is perfect winter mood, I love the cuddly baby blue tint and snow flakes.

"a shimmery sheer base with white, pink, blue, and irridescent glitters in various shapes and sizes and pink and white snowflakes. Inspired by the frosty windowpanes after a snowfall. Each bottle is decorated with a removable sparkling crystal ring on the cap and comes with a small bag of larger white snowflakes for nail art. "

 photo ellagee-6_zps73f213f3.jpg

and lastly, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
'nuff said! This is the most magical of all

" a clear base with a mix of white, frost white, and iridescent glitters with just a bit of black dots and orange triangles and comes with a small bag of white snowmen for nail art."

 photo ellagee-5_zpsa834d6b0.jpg

They have all passed my black/white/gold test and can definitely highlight any other color "undies" you may want to apply over.
Show it off alone or stamp over it.

They are seen here in one and two coats all topped with Ellagee's Glass, a fast drying top coat.  The special glitters, like the stars seen below or the dolphins on Mele Kalikimaka do not have to be fished.  They are evenly distributed on the polish so you dont have to saturate your nails to get a dolphin or two.  They are glitter polishes, so consider glitter removal techniques and they are simply gorgeous! <3

 photo ellagee-3_zpsf8db870f.jpg  photo ellagee-4_zpse0de8aab.jpg

I was playing with my polishes over post it notes and really liked this coat of Christmas Time in the City.  If you like it too yaay... if not, keep scrolling... I promise it gets better :)

 photo ellagee-2_zpsb62e532f.jpg

This is Mele Kalikimaka over Pennywise, a cooper metallic, can't say was my first choice for a combination but I just wanted to really take it back to Hawaii and these colors simply matched the Honolulu ambience (in my head) during the holiday season ^_^ dolphins included.

 photo ellagee-12_zps9098d18f.jpg

Lastly, here's what I am wearing RIGHT NOW!! ^_^
I built a snow man using Panther from Color Me Monthly and Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

 photo ellagee-11_zps265a91c9.jpg

Here's a shot of all the nail art goodies included with each polish to celebrate the season.

 photo ellagee-13_zps6ffa5d8d.jpg

Pre-order will commence on November 1st. and shipping will start on November 10th
so be there or be squared because the shop will be closed from December 1st to the 18th. and you'd want to get them before then and remember they will only be available up until December 31st.  ;)

Ellagee is unique handcrafted polish and is big 3-free
Each polish can be purchased HERE for $9.50 or you can get the set of 6 pretties for $45.

Be sure to like Ellagee on Facebook for more info on releases, swatches and promos.


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