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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indie Invasion: Stock up on your pinks ~ With a "Y" and Snoopy

**press sample**

I am not one to rant or an over-sharer on this blog, I had a whole different type of post for this pretty but I felt like writing a long one and share the kind of day I had.  Feel free to skip to the nice pictures of gorgeous color and cool Snoopy stamp or just read along.

I thank God for everyday, especially today.  My mom had an accident at work and banged her head pretty badly...  :'(  8 stitches ... she has been fully examined and luckily it was not a life threatening injury but for what she tells me, she was pretty scared for her life.  

I was at work when it happened and my life simply stopped, I had very few coherent thoughts, her manager was the one to give me the news, I was assured that emergency personnel would very soon arrive at her location but hearing my mother just calling my name in the background throughout that phone call, not even my name but the name she calls me since I was a little girl, "Nana",  had me pretty scared for her life too.

I am a great believer in God and in the power of prayer, we have been praying the rosary together and we have been blessed and protected from pretty real stuff lately.  Her accident was major with minor consequences thus far and has served as a reassurance of what "real problems" really are.  So many people battle "REAL" problems all the time and we as a society just sweep them under the rug because it does not concern us personally.  Looking around at the hospital today I was amazed at how us (people) have become so insensitive and simply lack compassion for one another.   We are victims of what seems to be a tragedy of the commons, everyone believing that me, myself and I cannot make a difference in the world and ok! maybe not in the world, but I assure you that we are capable of making a difference to, AT THE VERY LEAST, ONE person.

Don't wait until things happen to you or yours.  Like Mother Teresa said "never worry about the numbers, help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you" whether it is to hold someone's bag while sitting on a wheel chair, cross the street or a simple smile and the hardest but most powerful of all, during hard times, carry a positive and loving attitude.
Both, positivism and love heal!

How appropriate is it that today, I am wearing With a "Y" an Indie pretty by Creations by Lynda.

Lynda is donating $1.00 of EVERY pink polish she sells throughout the month of October in support to the breast cancer awareness month.  This particular shade of pink is filled with bubble gum pink, rose gold micro flakies and a hint of linear holographic pigment and even some gold shimmer.

Take a look at its holo richness in this outdoor shot

 photo CreationsbyLynda-1_zpsf1b44e00.jpg

 photo CreationsbyLynda_zps3b4c8d42.jpg

and using PixelPiece QA46 added stamp for fun! and to get my mind off of sad things :) 
whether those are cat paws, dog paws or snoopy paws, it brought happy thoughts. 

 photo CreationsbyLynda-3_zps58b8f4c0.jpg  photo CreationsbyLynda-2_zpsdb79c3d2.jpg 

I love the name of this polish and can totally relate.  My name is pronounced Jo-anna but it is spelled with a "Y" Yohana (I know, where did that come from?) so for ever and ever, I will be forced to say With a "Y" and this pretty is sooo pretty (pun intended) that I could keep it forever and ever and restock when it's all gone.

This baby retails for $9.50.  A little higher than other Lynda's babies because of the holographic pigments but well worth it.

You can also find Lynda on Facebook and be sure to check her site for her entire array of colors, more pink shades and other products like soaps and cuticle oils.  Stay tuned because her holiday collection is coming out soon and I have it to show it to you.

... sorry for the rant and long post.  I really wanted to share the kind of day I had but also wanted to share this opportunity to shop for a cause.  Help someone in whatever way you can, make up new ways, start with your family, keep it together (as hard as that can be).  Pray for those you love and those you don't.  They need love too! and like those paws whatever problems you encounter, just keep walking.

I am going to bed now... hopefully dream of a cool mani because guess whose nails I want to paint tomorrow...?... yeap! my mommy's.


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  1. THis is the saddest post i have read on your blog but thank God it was only a scare i can only imagine. on a happy note that is one beautiful bottle and lovely stamp

    1. thank you Lorelie. Pretty scary indeed but nothing at the end of the day compared to what some people go through. There really is nothing we can do but we can change how we feel and let God go through with his divine plan, stay positive, pray, love because prayer and love heals <3

  2. I love nail polish pinks, I have about 45 different shades of pink in my collection!!

  3. With a "Y" is an amazing holo, and the pictures caught my attention originally, but your post really touched me. As I've gotten older, I've gained more of an appreciation for how short life is. We never know how much a smile or kind word can be so healing, both to the giver and the receiver. I'm a firm believer in a saying I've heard all my life..."Give me my flowers while I'm living." And that's what I try my best to do. Sorry I went on so long. :)