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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cover Your Gray

**press sample**

As I approach my big 3-0 birthday, there are things that are starting to make me feel uneasy about myself.  I've tried the whole "age is just a number" relief, but it stings from time to time.  I cannot compliant about life and my years, as I have learned invaluable lessons at a young age and for that, I think I have an even bigger reason to celebrate!

However, things are starting to sag and grays are beginning to show. 
I've had grays for as long as I can remember.  Dating back to my tween years.

I now recognize the need to experiment with a way to hide them so when they start to tell my age, I can discretely disguise them.

I had a section of "peek-a-boo" highlights UNDER my hair (if that makes sense) as I'd hate to be a slave of hair color and such.  For my friends, it's almost a monthly or bi-monthly rent.  I do not want to suffer that but again, I don't want to show grays. 

Luckily, Cover your gray, has provided a couple of their products and I am featuring the best ones.

Check out the Brush In Wand.  I apologize in advance for the pictures but it was quite tricky to photograph the top or side of your head by your self and whatever photos you can actually get, your super cool camera corrects "imperfections" and well... basically, it doesnt show grays so phone pictures will have to do.

Covers your gray instantly with the mascara type applicator.  It's great for me and my scattered grays.  I even tested it by covering my "peek-a-boo highlights" and as you can see, perfect coverage.  
Short hair, long hair sideburns? no problem!

 photo Cover Your Grays-3_zpswmddordv.jpg
 photo Cover Your Grays-1_zpsydihgekk.jpg

 photo Cover Your Grays-2_zps2t5ug4i6.jpg

Try also Cleanse & Cover Hair Refresher.
As you know,  I have super curly hair, so when I straighten it, it better lasts me for weeks (cough cough) (exactly one week) but since I discovered dry shampoo, I have, yes I have, made it last TWO whole weeks!!!
And of course, when I straighten my hair, there are a few hairs that stand out and up!! MY GRAYS!!!
out of the millions (hopefully) of hairs, only the grays stand out AND UP! 
Well... this is the best of both worlds! Refreshes like dry shampoo and covers the grays.  It's a little heavier than dry shampoo but works wonders!  Increases volume, doesnt clump and gives you full coverage until your next shampoo.

I made a mistake in choosing the color.  I chose dark brown and thanks to this, i discovered that my hair is NOT dark brown but black! but it gave my look a nice touch.  Some mentioned how great my highlights look! ha!!! :) 
It's note worthy to mention that it did not "bleed off" on my pillows between shampoos.  It stayed on and washed off easily with my shampoo! 

 photo Cover Your Grays_zps0yisampn.jpg 

You can learn more about these products and more Cover Your Gray products on their site and be sure to follow their social media platforms:

Having grays since your tween years and finally covering them up when I want to without being a slave to my hair or my hair stylist, makes feel like a normal 20-something year old ^_^

What do you think??

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