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Friday, October 9, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Teal

I had sooo much fun last week during the hobbies challenge and I hope you did too.

Today's theme is teal.  

Featuring an oldie but goodie from Barielle: Ocean Breeze
OPI's Pearl of Wisdom 
and BP-L007 plate
Nail ornament and joint ring set were sent to me from Ladyqueen.com.  Visit them and use discount code TSST15
for 15% off

The cat cannot be bought in stores, but I kinda liked my mani while petting my baby boy! 

 photo 648B0372-D856-46E8-AF46-731E28E2627A_zpsis3rfql8.jpg  photo 6586A493-14D3-4037-9EA0-22D6BA54641D_zpsniuljssv.jpg
 photo 354E94F8-159E-4B72-9834-FE3E0EC65D26_zpsry79vg14.jpg

The rings do add some sort of character to the mani! 
makes it bold yet, simple.

 photo 84832DC6-2802-4EBC-9D12-96FAFD17DC85_zpsryzt8nsj.jpg

This is also the first time using my phone for blog post pictures.  I just couldn't wait to post. 

Visit the other ladies for a wide array of teal variations and talents.

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