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Sunday, October 18, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Geeks

Slightly late on this one and well... not 100% in with it but I think it's pretty nerdy! I was supposed to post Friday but the weekend got on the way and umm,... wine got on the way of doing it earlier today and top it all off with a non-working camera... yaay for cell phone with camera (never thought I'd say that) :-p 


What I had in mind was the chemical formula for alcohol in one nail, and a few glasses of wine on the others, but it didnt pan out too well... 

So we're settling with the study of stars and planets, one of the coolest things nerds do!! ^_^ 

Using Rainbow Honey's Oni and Cheeky CH46 stamped with SinfulColors CasaBlanca (my new fave stamping polish)

 photo D6236C81-2478-4238-97E7-363716A34B56_zpsdspcwprq.jpg
 photo E0E8DCF0-9D73-403D-B871-E9D7B4789CEE_zpsgabtgixy.jpg

Check out all the talented geeks that participated in this week's challenge.  Dont get discouraged because mine was a fail today but before you judge and on my defense, I pulled it off in ten minutes.  LoL! 

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