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Monday, November 5, 2012

My Birthday and Vacations GONE!

Soooo on my last post, I tell you how I was supposed to be in the land of Aloha and how excited I was to be able to schedule the post to publish automatically just on time for the last Go Pink Wednesday...

Yeah!! turns out there was a hurricane in the area that ruined everything.  Literally EVERYTHING!!!

The idea was to go to Hawaii to visit my friend for my Birthday that happens to be today :(

We were not able to travel because of the Hurricane am still without power, heat or hot water... luckily, neighboring towns have had their power restored and restaurants and supermarkets are back in business so I have been able to eat :D

Am really bummed though, it's cold and sad inside my house.  But we're ok!  suffered no injuries nor property damage :)  except for a cold am now fighting but hey, it's the least of my worries.

So this is how am celebrating my birthday :)  ....
But... I wont have a mani to show you nor cool pics of my kitties to be uploaded but I can tell you, I am very very happy to be here :) although am supposed to be in the land of Aloha.  There's heat here :) and food delivery yaaaay!

Am also a first responder as an Auxiliary Police Officer and saw a lot of people suffering by the devastation of the Hurricane.  It was bad, but of course, it wasnt that bad, we're just not used to this in our neck of the woods.  We are truly blessed.  and got to practice the virtue of patience which is not very common around here.  Since the Hurricane, I have seen a lot of people  really stopping and smelling the flowers.  We take way too many things that matter for granted.  Be patient, be kind, be loving and understanding.

For me, with no electricity or hot water or Blogger or Facebook, although I miss you! hasnt been that bad but I really miss my heat :(

Ok! gotta get back to work, the office has been closed for the entire week! there's a lot to do!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry to hear about your cancelled trip but thankful that Sandy sparred your home and your life. A true blessing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.