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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I obviously and luckily don't have what it takes to properly review a Mangroomer (pheew) but I gave it to my lovely review assistant and this is what he thinks of it.

"When I got the MANGROOMER Scruff Sculptor for review I got excited to see a product that was thought to stand out of the crowd.  Its design was intended to be a cleaner and more precise trimmer that the other ones you find in the market.
It has precision electric length controls that operate with the touch of a button, enabling you to trim as close as .03mm and as much as 5 mm.It has a digital display where you can see the length of the trim to be performed as well as the battery charge status.
It also helps you to keep your cabinet more organized since it doesn't need any additional adapters that otherwise would be laying down in your cabinet. Other of its features is the whisker belly, which helps to reduce the mess resulting when trimming facial hair because it is intended to trap the hair trimmed hair, although this feature only works fine if you hold the trimmer vertically which is not always the case, specially when you are trimming facial hair that requires different angles.
It cuts smoothly, and has plenty of power to neatly and effectively shape or trim facial hair.  Battery life is good and charges quickly.  It requires a little bit of practice to learn to angle it correctly to avoid trimming your beard shorter than desired. But once you get to know this tool you will get excellent and professional looking results.  Definitely I would recommend this product.
I only have a couple of suggestions. It would be nice if it would come with its own case for storage. It would also be nice if the trimmer would remember the length you had it set to the last time you used it, but besides that this product is definitely a keeper."

I know exactly what he means by the "whisker belly" if we lived together I'd hate to see all the hair on my sink.

As for the Detail Groomer this is what he had to say:

"I can tell this is a very versatile tool that does its job quite well. It comes with 3 Interchangeable attachment Heads for the trimming of your nose, neckline, sideburns, ears and eyebrows. As advertised the attachments are easy to change. The eyebrow groomer works really nice. Just snap it on and comb your eyebrows to have perfectly groomed eyebrows. The nose and ear trimmer is very gentle and it doesn't ever pinch you. The sideburns and neck trimmer works really well and is really intuitive to use, and works really well on sensitive skin. Other good feature the Detail Groomer has is that can be used wet or dry, it is easy to clean and can be used also with good results on the chest. It is powered by a single AA battery and works really evenly without noticeable variations on power or speed. The only thing missing on this device is a case to save the detail groomer and its attachments. Other than that, this is a perfect  tool worth to get to make your grooming routine just a breeze!"

Anyway, I think this gives you a pretty good picture and HINT HINT! holidays are coming!!!!!!!!!! 

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