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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bodymedia FITLINK Armband Weight Management System

Here's another review delegated to the best review assistant there is:

"I was given to opportunity to review Bodymedia’s FITLINK Armband Weight Management System and after several months of using it I can tell you that this system can really help you to achieve your health and weight management goals by providing you a complete set of data of how your body is burning calories during your daily activities, monitoring the quality of your sleep while giving you the tools to keep a food log to calculate your calories intake. Basically you are not only counting calories, you are balancing your body’s calorie account.I got to admit that as a guy, I was a little skeptical about trying a system to help me count my calories and how by doing that I would be able to reach my ideal weight, but results speak for themselves. I have lost 15 pounds in about 3 months. I was able to reach my weight goal and at the same time learn a lot about my body’s performance.
All this sounds great but I want to emphasize that this is only the tool to help you manage your weight. The system won’t lose the weight for you and you will have to do your part.  It will coach you to help you make smarter decisions based on the information collected by the armband and the input of the calories consumed, that you will keep in your bodymedia web account. You will be able to see how effective your workouts are in terms of intensity and calories consumption and will help you to be aware of how the food you are consuming is helping you or setting you back from reaching your goal.

The system will encourage you and motivate you to keep you on track but also will warn you about factors that may affect your overall goal.

It will give you tips supported by nutritional data and will tell you the source it is getting the information from.

And it will also give you a graphic projection and report of your performance since the moment you started using the system.The system will try to keep you motivated and another way that you can keep that momentum going is by sharing your achievements and results on your Facebook profile to let your encouraging friends in on your progress.  Also if you have a smartphone you can download the application to help you to keep your food log up to date right on the spot and also give you an idea of how you are doing so far that day.
How it works?It consists of an armband that will monitor your body.  It is really sleek and will not be noticeable under your clothes. The data will be collected by the armband and then you will load it to your Bodymedia account by connecting the armband to your computer via USB. Then it will display the information for you in a very user friendly and easy to understand set of graphics.
What would I improve?The only part I see that may need some improvement is the food log. The existing food log database will get you going on the input of your information many times but there are many others that you will have to create your own food data entry and that can be a problem if you don’t eat at a popular chain restaurant or if you didn't cook your food, because it the task will turn into a lot of guessing affecting the accuracy of your calorie count"

What a great review! right??!!! I am motivated just reading it.  

Bodymedia's armbands can be personalized as well.  And really! no one can tell you have it and if it's seen it's not an eye sore on your body!  For him was very easy to "hide" under his sleeves.  
Bodymedia's mobile app did not work on Blackberry but it's compatible with Android and iphones.  

This wireless Link Armband retails for $149.00 and it's bluetooth compatible :) 
The Core Armband retails for only $119.00 (not bluetooth)

In order to access the management system a monthly fee of $6.95 applies (you get three months free with the purchase of any device).  Gym memberships are waaaaay more than that and I don't think is that much.  The system is YOUR very OWN personal couch.  Bodymedia also offers great nutritional and other advise on their site which you can access at any time.  You are what you eat, and it's nice to have a system tracking it for you.  

visit Bodymedia's website and follow social platforms for more info and promotions. 

What do you think?... I love reading your comments.


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    1. that's aweful!!! I gotta make sure.. the pictures are vital here! thanks for the heads up!

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