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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's in the November Starbox? You'll be surprised!

Photobucket I first introduced you to Starbox with a review of their October box.  See it here.  As explained therein, this is not the regular monthly subscription.  I love it because you'll get to see an entire makeup line for only $15.00 and you have the ability to purchase prior boxes and of course, you purchase just the products you love.  

I also have the opportunity to review the November Starbox which is the first, SEMI-CUSTOMIZED Edition which means that mine was put together JUST FOR ME!!!!!!! and yours JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!! 

This month's "theme" is the prime look.  You know that look that everyone can wear and only YOUR skin tone makes different ANND it's the contour before any "color" is applied and you will note a flawless skin glow.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
slightly different on each eye
Also included a great tool (pink tool seen above).  At first I had no idea what it was but guessed it had to do with the eyes lol and then figured out it's a 3in1 mascara guide/applicator so that you don't ruin your amazing eye makeup by smudging your mascara.   This has happened to me way too often, then you try to "clean" the mascara smudge and find that you might as well re-do the whole eye (cough cough yeah never happened to me ** cough **cough).
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket beautiful nude color very creamy glides on your lips.
But wait, here's where it gets more incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be sooo surprised.  This box is not just a prep for colors you may have.  This palette is prep for all the color you're going to receive in December.  The December box will have a 15 color eye shadow palette - a $99 value.   Treat yourself or a loved one pre-order the December box BY DECEMBER FIRST.

These are removable... perhaps the December palette "fits" for on the go (this is me thinking outloud)

They are really letting the cat out for their Holiday-December box.  You might just want to be "in" for this one.  Subscribe now at Starlooks.com.  This box also makes a great gift for a beauty enthusiast you may know and shipping is WORLDWIDE.

Also, every box comes with mystic quartz crystals to attract energy, help maintain focus and are an ultimate symbol of beauty. They can be collected in a jar to make a brush holder or the like :)

There are also major perks with Starbox:

  • Free shipping on all online orders under 10lbs.  (even one eyeliner ships FREE)
  • Starbox points program - point for every dollar spent.  100 points=$10 towards your next purchase.
  • Best makeup line and hair products recently introduced to the industry. 

For more info, reviews and the like be sure to like them on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Twitter. All products are full size and you'll get your monies worth

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now... tell me what you think.  I love reading your comments. 


  1. i wish i had known .. am checking them out for sure. $15 sounds like a great deal for full size products

    1. you can still sign up for the december box. I really like them

  2. ughhhh UNLIKE you! naked nails??