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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kisses on My list

Another great item for any gift list.  
I received Kisses on My List as part of a product review.  Is a kit of hypercolor of perfect chemistry between your lips and your look.. (sighs) Kisses are definitely on my List.

 photo 1box_zpsa1994335.jpg
The applicator on these lip glosses are totally new for me.  I have never seen anything like it.  At first it felt a little weird, I missed the fuzzy feeling of lipgloss applicators but its spatula-like applicator doesnt really bother me.   On the contrary, great for contouring those lip lines to make sure you stay inside the line and is sure to get every last bit of the lipgloss.
 photo 1spatula_zpsb6a23853.jpg
Now on to the fun stuff... The colors are a wide array of pinks and lip tones.  Yeah lip tones! with high gloss and brilliance to accentuate the curves of your smile.  Some creamy and some shimmery to really bring out those pouts.
 photo 1sharonaroxanne_zps6557e22d.jpg  photo 1moimaggie_zps450ab4ca.jpg  photo 1lolajolene_zps7010eeed.jpg

I love Anastasia Beverly Hills not just for great products but also for its animal cruelty-free practice, however, this time, although not tested on animals somehow has been Milo-approved.  This is Milo getting into trouble acting as a lipgloss inspector.  
(Disclaimer: Milo didnt consume nor used  any of the products, no animal was beautified in the writing of this review)
 photo af6504fb-dce4-4440-99d1-a52c9e7b12ef_zps2fdf0571.jpg
Sharona, Roxanne, Jolene, Lola, Maggie May, Moi are a must! You can purchase it HERE or at Sephora.
Need another Anastasia Beverly Hills idea? Click HERE for a gorgeous makeup kit.

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