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Sunday, December 23, 2012

La Fresh: Review (they're life savers)


La Fresh makes a difference in people’s lives through its performance, convenience and conscientiousness.
Products are designed with exceptional ingredients and packaged to deliver chic style with less substance making the world better, brighter and more beautiful for all of us.

To offer every human [and friend of human] the freshest experience possible
To make great products with great design at a great value
To fulfill the need for modern-day convenience
To treat every resource like a precious commodity
To deliver better products with better design at a better value for a better world"

Products use little water and does not require additional water to make them work also making them lighter so that less resources are used in shipping and are constantly introducing new products using biodegradable materials to give back to earth responsibly.

Read more about them HERE


As part of a product review I received the La Fresh eco-beauty sampler pack which included 5 travel size individually packed wipes of makeup remover, oil-free face cleanser (scented), oil-free face cleanser, body soother, hand sanitizer and of course, nail polish remover.

The convenience of having these packs around specially during travel is priceless.  it fits in my makeup bag and CAN go on my carry-on luggage.  During my last trip, refreshing is very important during a 12-hour flight and nothing can be brought conveniently onto the plain.  These were a life saver.

of course I love the nail polish remover wipes.  Removes all 10 nails (used 2 for very dark colors) again, fits into my little manicure-tool bag and always ready to go.
Photobucket Photobucket

My favorite product was the face cleaner the set came into this pretty carrying case that can also be taken anywhere you go.  Am not always in the mood to wash my face especially when am tired OOORRR have my hair straightened because somehow my hair always ends up wet and curling up just from washing my face and I can't afford not to clean my face after a long day so I love these wipes.  Had a wonderful scent paraben free and also removed makeup while leaving my face nicely La Fresh... I mean refreshed.

Check out their sets HERE prices vary.  Highly recommended.
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