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Monday, December 17, 2012

What are your plans for NYE?

I love the joy of the Holidays and the family gatherings and of course, the fooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But this year, I think am going to a new year's eve party!  at a club, am excited about this as it is a first.  Taking advantage (and to avoid sadness and homesickness) of the fact that my family is so far away this year.

What are your plans for this exciting day?

DO TELL!!!!!!! =)


  1. party with the fam until midnight then off to clubs with friends

  2. I'll be working! :( Oh well, somebody's got to keep the shelters open!

  3. I am hosting a Hasbro Gamenight at my house for NYE!!! Twister for the kids and other games for the adults;-)