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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nailtini: Speakeasy Lacquer Collection


I was sooo looking forward to reviewing a Nailtini Collection.  It's a cocktail for nails (EEEEEEEK) with Appletinis being my favorite cocktail I knew I would love it either straight or mixed :) 

Nailtini's Speakeasy collection is a real treat containing two creamy colors and two complimenting glitters.
from left to right: Sidecar, Dark & Stormy, Millionaire and Rusty Nail (there's nothing rusty about this color)
Sidecar is a light brown shade with Millionaire being its glitter companion... Dark & Stormy is a between brown and gray, at first didnt seem too promising but i was pleasantly surprised.  Rusty nail is a high-shine glitter gorgeous alone or as a top layer.   

Perfect fall collection but I can see it all year 'round.  

(Sorry for the busted cuticles - hangnail gone wild!) but look at how gorgeous and complimenting they are.
Photobucket Photobucket

For the accent sticker I used JobyNailArt's Thanksgiving collection that I also received for review.  For this particular one I thought the fall leaf would be a perfect accent.  The stickers were durable and at the same time easy to remove when the time to remove came :) Check them out of Facebook (special price $2.99)

Look at sidecar and millionaire together and stamping with Cheeky Jumbo plate A.
Photobucket Photobucket

The Speakeasy collection is a real treat! 
colors glide easily on nails, fast drying and great coverage.  All above in 2 coats.  The glitters are gorgeous shades Millionaire has some green bars for an unexpected umph! gorgeous!  Rusty was a little thicker with gray and copper glitters.  

Individual bottles retail for $13.00

Nailtini also has lip and eye collections.  To learn more visit their site and be sure to like them on Facebook. I can't wait to try out their other products. 

Beauty-Shoes-Nails & Fun recommended.  =) 

Apply responsibly. 


  1. perfect matches love the first design

  2. Love the colors and designs!! J Wresh jdhw41@yahoo.com

  3. I love looking through old posts too you've come so far and thats a great accent

    1. you're always so sweet - thank you for your continued support Lorelie