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Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's a Girl Thing 2013 Collection: Jessica: PICTURE RICH

The 2013 spring collection is out and about ... I can't believe we're talking spring already and with another winter storm on its way to my area this weekend.  

I figured it was very appropriate to bring you today It's a Girl Thing by Jessica Cosmetics because with rain, snow or sun "girls just wanna have fun" and nail polish means fun!!!!! 

This collection celebrates girl power and girl fun and it's inspired by people who have in some way or another made a difference in the life of "The First Lady of Nails" (NY Times).

Again, all colors are inspired on Jessica's friends.  This collection is inviting to friendship, harmony and togetherness.. I can picture all of these ladies in polish bottle form having an amazing time sitting on your manicure table (my lapdesk in my case) doing just that!! having a great colorful time while your mani creativity flows.

Here they are:

746 - Alia - Sun-Kissed Beauty: is a sundet-orange.  It's a creamy and gorgeous.

 photo IMG_3962_zpsdddf587e.jpg
Perfect for an afternoon date with your GALS plates (or any plates) :)  (GA7)
 photo IMG_3964_zps5a5dc87c.jpg

747 - Sophia - True Blue 
Is so blue and gorgeous.. You know blue is my favorite color... This color can create a perfect sky-y background for your spring nail art projects. 
 photo IMG_4086_zps90f0dd63.jpg

 photo IMG_4088_zps47cd7093.jpg

748 - Amira - Smitten Kitten 
this pink was so much fun that I entered it into Planet Beauty's Mani Monday and WON!!!!!!!!!!  click HERE to see my goodie bag
 photo IMG_3940_zps47ceb77b.jpg

 photo IMG_3938_zps0c5aedf4.jpg

749 - Nadia - Sterling Queen
this is a very fancy and sophisticated frosted silver-gray.
 photo IMG_8734_zpsfb857dac.jpg  photo IMG_8733_zps03c62f3a.jpg

750 - Ava - New Kid in Town
Lavender shade gorgeous "in person"
 photo IMG_8709_zps6ef89dc6.jpg
I don't know why it looks really blue on this picture... but there's nothing blue about this color on the contrary, it trades your blues for lavender joy :)
 photo IMG_8714_zps1c4b2cd3.jpg

And lastly, 
751- Alexis - Ruby Empress
this is the empress... nuff said! 
 photo IMG_3956_zpsfb0b11cd.jpg

 photo IMG_3957_zps4f35d697.jpg 

All Jessica colours are formulated with vitamins for maximum conditioning and UVA/UVB protection from the sun.  They were very easy to apply, all seen in two coats, eco-friendly and 3-FREE.
They are all available WORLDWIDE! or you can buy online HERE 

Be sure to Like Jessica on Facebook and follow on Twitter for more swatches and colors.

Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!



  1. you are seriously making fall in love with Jessica coSmetics your nails are so long now

    1. thank you! I was thinking they looked really short in the pics :-p

  2. and congrats on th ewin

  3. 750 - Ava - New Kid in Town looks gorgeous!

  4. such pretty colours here! your swatches are great :)

    1. aww thank you! :) the collection is really pretty! makes any set of nails look good ;) including mine

  5. Wow! Gorgeous colors! I love them!