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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips

As part of a product review, I received Sally Hansen's Insta Gel Strips starter kit in wine not. 

Before I start, let me tell you that I really like Sally Hansen products and was eager to try these babies out.  Gel strips have become more and more popular because of the quick application, no drying time and duration of the manicure.

Complete kit comes with nail cleanser pads, gel polish strips, mini LED light, nail file and cuticle stick.  Easy to follow instructions right on the box.  End result depends on you I guess.  
I wasnt too thrilled.  The strips didnt exactly fit my nails.  So the edges along the cuticle line werent pretty AT ALL to look at.  
Once you put them stretch them to smooth away any bubbles.
Once you apply them, use the nail file to take away the excess.

 photo SallyHansenGelStrips4_zps7e8b8317.jpg

when you're done applying all 10 strips apply the gel top coat and put them under the LED light, one nail at a time.
Press the button on top to turn on, the lamp will turn off automatically after 30 seconds (that was neat, I didnt have to count to 30) then on to the next nail.
 photo SallyHansenGelStrips6_zpsc79be17a.jpg  photo SallyHansenGelStrips5_zpsd028adb6.jpg

Except for the issue with size I loved the color and the incredible shine but the the edge along the cuticle was not pretty.
 photo SallyHansenGelStrips7_zpsb63f7108.jpg  photo SallyHansenGelStrips_zpsab9fafcd.jpg  photo SallyHansenGelStrips3_zps34078760.jpg  photo SallyHansenGelStrips2_zps07279dcd.jpg 

I have to give it another shot (maybe) when am in a rush, but I will be more likely to use gel polish than gel strips.
make sure your nails are smooth and dried.
clean out ALL excess of gel top coat before going under the LED light, if there is excess, it will just lift off and take the strip with it. 
Don't file your nails after you have cured them, that will break the seal and cause chips.

To remove, apply remover, just use the cuticle stick and slowly lift.
Starter kit is a little pricey but then the strips are very affordable ($5.00) and comes in lots of colors and designs.

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