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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review and Giveaway for spoiled Rotten Pets

ahhhhhh............ You know my Maya and Milo looooove to be the center of attention, maybe they're just too spoiled.. more like spoiled rotten.

I was thrilled when Petflow contacted me to review their monthly box and so were my kitties.

Petflow is a pet food delivery service that also carries great goodies such as treats and toys for cats and dogs and have **GREAT SPECIALS** and your favorite brands at great prices.

Most importantly for the spoiled doggies and kitties, Petflow offers a monthly subscription box called Spoiled Rotten.  Almost $40 worth of goodies for only $24.99 delivered to your doorstep every month.

It arrived in a safely packed box safely guarded by these two, who, although know are not allowed in the bedroom everynow and then they manage to sneak into the corner of the bed, specially if they need to guard their package. 
   photo IMG_8801_zpsaf41300a.jpg

 photo IMG_3994_zpsb8f01e14.jpg
Finally opened.   Maya was the first one to arrive, she's the chief box inspector.
 photo IMG_3995_zps1e76ed79.jpg

Milo was very happy and wanted to take everything out himself.
 photo IMG_3998_zpsffa8a7d4.jpg
the box contained the following:

Cat dancer (toy) retails for $24.99
Teeth gel ($9.99) 
one chicken entree and turkey entree ($1.79) each
Lickety stick lickable treat ($2.99)
Petguard leaf and flower organically grown catnip ($11.99)
super cat cave ($5.99)

I thought the cat cave was the coolest thing.  It's basically a paper-bag looking cave that releases catnip with every scratch, buf and crumple 
 photo IMG_4001_zps5432406a.jpg

But no one agreed with me.  They still prefer shopping and DSW bags and of course regular catnip.
 photo IMG_3999_zps45163254.jpg
Their absolute favorite was the lickety stik cat treat.  I love just twisting the roll-on cap and give to them, as opposed to getting a bag, opening and getting my hands smelling like cat treats every time I want to lure my cats into something or just praise them for something else. 

This has become the treat of choice for toilet praise.  Yes, toilet.  Maya still has accidents with #2.  She just refuses to do #2 in the toilet if am not home.  It kind of defeats the purpose of being toilet-trained but when she gets it right she gets a lick :)  and she's been really good lately and she demands her lick.  Am starting to think she does it right to get her lick fix (LOL)
 photo IMG_4020_zpsc98919ce.jpg 

There's more to learn.  For more information and to join for CATS OR DOGS visit their website 
and be sure to like them on Facebook
OOOR! enter below to win.  
Petflow wants my readers to have the opportunity to win a box
Giveaway being ran by sponsor


  1. My "spoiled rotten" fat cat would love one of these boxes! Thanks for the giveaway chance :)

    1. Good luck!!!!!! :) and hugs to your spoiled rotten fat cat... I love fat cats they're soooo cuddly! :-p

  2. Visited both sites. My cat would love to try this

  3. jaja tantos juguetes. q niños mas mimados
    att: marc

    1. siii y para que.. si les gusta jugar es con papel y bolsas y cositas que encuentran en la casa jaja bueno los jugueticos tambien!