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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Njoy: E-Cig Review

First and foremost, I am in NO WAY promoting smoking and am not a smoker and have never done so and dont plan to do it.  I dont know how I turned out this way as everyone in my immediate family smokes or has smoked for as long as I can remember. 

So as a NON-smoker and besides ALL the health hazards that smoking causes I can tell you, with all due respect, ya'll STINK! (smell bad).

Someone PLEEEEEEEASE tell my office's Fedex guy to please smoke out of the truck all of my packages smell so bad sometimes I dont even want to open them.  

So as much as I dislike the smell of a cigarette and is not like my family and friends are going to quit ever, I thought what a great idea these e-cigs are and the best thing is that they're not really cigarettes 

I am no expert but I have always said that smoking is nothing more than a bad habit, is more about the physical and mental habit and the psychology of it then the actual "high" or "relief" that they get from it.

Those that have to have a cigarette with coffee or only when they're out socially drinking or just the habit of reaching into pocket for one while driving and stinking while at it.  Njoy is for you! Fight the addiction, break the habit.  

\ photo IMG_3794_zps087e4cf2.jpg
So to really test this product, I gave Njoy cigs to my friends who dont like to come to my house because this is a smoke-free home.  

One of them has children and the child's reaction was priceless and I quote "this is the best day of my life" puzzled I asked why: he hugs me and says "my mom wont stink anymore" 
I was like WOW am not alone here! 

Njoy looks and feels just like a cigarette so the smokers dont feel a difference is ready to go right from the pack and it fits in purses, pockets, wallets, wristlets, etc. simply take out and it "activates" by a puff 

Njoy has made a great difference and my friends have reported how great it is not to have to carry a pack of cigs that breaks in purses leaving traces everywhere or better yet, not to have to BUY one!  Two months in and EVERYONE has reported major cut backs (sadly no quits yet) and have received very pleasing feedback as to their appearance and perfumes (yeah! we can smell the perfume on them now) no more stinky friends and family. SCORE!!!  one out of the 6 reported a lapse where a regular cig was offered and didnt refuse but doesnt sound like a major fall back.  Ladies preferred menthol while men didnt care.

 photo IMG_3799_zps2818ac0d.jpg
Seriously, you're not going to be considerate of yourself and those who love you (healthwise) and quit, be considerate of others use an e-cig and problem solved you wont STINK!

Njoy is affordable and accessible and rechargeable, a hassle saver.
Buy Online or in Stores
 photo IMG_3795_zpsea133e52.jpg
Top Reasons Why NJOY is America's #1 E-Cigarette
  • No Tobacco Smoke or Odor
  • Rich Authentic Flavor
  • Costs Less Than Regular Cigarettes
  • One Year Warranty
  • Over 3 Million Sold
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Product Research & Development in the USA
  • Available In Over 50,000 Stores Nationwide


For more info visit njoy.com 
I was provided with this product for review in exchange of my 100% honest opinion


  1. My husband is a smoker, at least a pack a day. He also goes to nursing school where you are NOT ALLOWED to smell like smoke. He uses these on the days he goes to school. It keeps his cravings under control and NO SMELL to get him kicked out of class.

    1. it's just unpleasant.. that really is my main issue.. the smell it just yucks! :(
      I hope your hubby keeps it up :) no one wants him to get kicked out! :-p

  2. my boyfriend smokes i am about to call it quits it even kills my desire for you know what hes perfct otherwise :( but he smells horribly

    1. PLOP! wow! that's serious! you need to let him know (am sure you have) good luck! <3

  3. E-cigs are great alternative for smokers if they really want to quit smoking as well as all those people who smell too much...