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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Indie Invasion: Jonesy Lou Lacquer: The Pet Shop Collection

As part of a product review, I received the full Pet Shop Collection from Jonesy Lou Lacquer made by a lovely lady whose name is Jessica.  When she first asked me if I wanted to review it all I saw was "Pet Shop" and immediately said yes!!!!

This collection is inspired in pets that Jessica has or has had and here they are.

 photo Untitled_zps13c755db.jpg
First up is Goldie: A metallic orange polish with gold hexes and orange and gold micro glitters.  I first thought it was a cat... but am always thinking about cats so am biased.  Goldie was a goldfish (you saw that one coming right?) 

 photo IMG_0406_zps0619c353.jpg  photo IMG_0410_zps71b6d186.jpg

Again... always thinking about cats.

 photo IMG_0414_zpsa0d68511.jpg

Shai is a 9 year old Husky.... oh wait... no!!!! that's what inspired it.  This husky is actually a grayish crelly (jelly/cream) with blue, black and silver holo glitters.

 photo IMG_0401_zps3452da95.jpg  photo IMG_0403_zpsf7df7348.jpg

Tango is another crelly of an off-white base with red, yellow and peach glitters inspired by a Cockatiel Jessica had for many years.

 photo IMG_0383_zps413b8ae0.jpg photo IMG_0384_zps44676839.jpg

and lastly, Lux.  A black jelly inspired by a black German Shepard.  This gorgeous polish is made of silver, turquoise and teal glitters of different sizes. 

 photo IMG_0415_zps796ab0fb.jpg  photo IMG_0417_zps2d46c7e9.jpg  

Jonesy Lou Lacquer is a very new shop, opened in September of 2013 with a wide variety of shades and glitters in her shop: http://jonesyloulacquer.bigcartel.com/

All have a great formula.. quick dry and great coverage on two coats.  Goldie has 3 coats because I wanted to accentuate the shade before the camera lense... it's light as opposed to sheer.  Do recommend.

The Pet Shop Collection will be officially released February 17, 2014.
Be sure to stop by and LIKE her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jonesyloulacquer

Which one is your favorite???? 

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  1. I absolutely loev them and the cat that ate the fish lmao

  2. What a fun collection! Wish I had a pet now :D

    1. hahaha totally not the intended purpose of this post.. .lol! but not a bad idea... I say you go get one.. .I have two cats, 4 fish and a blog mascot.. get at least a virtual one..

  3. Replies
    1. Haha i knooooow!!!! "need" being the operative word here :)