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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Per fan request: Polish Comparison: Yellow (cat permitting)

I recently, yesterday (lol),  posted a review of Seche's Perfectly Poised and of course posted some of the pictures on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bsnfun.

One of our fans was very excited to see the yellow shade that gives the name to Seche's collection, Perfectly Poised.  She looooves yellow which I think is very brave.  
I find yellow  a very difficult color to wear on my nails, must be my job, because every time I wear it, I love it even more but not the color I will pick off the rack at first.   I used to be afraid of staining but slowly figured out that any color may stain not just yellow. 

Anyway... she was very happy to share with me that she owns Banana Peel by Jessica Cosmetics, a color that I own too and can't get enough of, and she wanted to add Perfectly Poised to her collection.  

She asked if the colors were the same I responded "of course not, unless you're my boyfriend who thinks they're all the same"

So to clear this up, I wanted to show her a side by side comparison and here they are... 

DISCLAIMER: cat not included for review purposes.  

 photo IMG_0448_zps8ae50841.jpg

With low lighting and bright white paws.
The paws look very white next to these gorgeous yellow shades... In reality, those paws do have a light yellowish tint to them.. which can only mean it's time for a bath.

 photo IMG_0449_zps1720f6be.jpg

Throw a treat on the floor and she's finally considering getting out of the light box.
 photo IMG_0447_zps513a7489.jpg

Finally.. we can get to work

No way these can be the same... Seche is a brighter summery yellow cream while Jessica is more of an easter pastel yellow... so to conclude, these are very very different shades and both very very safe to add to any collection.. I love them both.
 photo Untitled_zps43a2b83b.jpg 

Hope this information was useful... if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.. If I have the answer I will gladly respond, find the answer or make something up (you will be notified if it's something totally made up)

Thank you.. see you next post

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  1. Kittybomb!! I looove this :D Mine loves the warm lights too, it's adorable but come on guys! We're working here ;)

    Thanks so much for this comparison, dupe posts are my faaaavorite! <3

    1. haha sooo true!!!! it's not the lights it's the box... she;s in there even when lights are off... and if you like dupe posts... get ready,. I got two in the works :)
      thakn you for your comment!

  2. Haha so cute that your cat is prowling around in your shot! Great yellows too :)

    1. always!!! haha! and thank you!! they really are <3

  3. Kitty bomb! I love her as your model! :D