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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finally!! our own shoe storage (yes, our)

I've been running out of shoe space for quite some time... different ideas have flown but never actually materialized... Finally, while brainstorming about uumm... I can't remember but it was not shoe related, the lightbulb went on!!! and I had to go shopping...

I looooove Ikea and I am lucky enough to have one near me... I bought a few shelves from the Antonious shelving system, an upright wall attachment (well... 2) and a few brackets.... just shy of $50 and started building.

 photo antoniusshelf_zpsb357180d.jpg

Building was not a problem... I had the best helpers... click HERE to see Maya helping in the building of our shelves and HERE to see why it is now "our" shoe shelf.

I've always had the idea of using wall space but can't stand the thought of the visible clutter... So i thought of a wall divider and this is the one that better fits my needs... I saw an amazingly gorgeous one with bamboo designs.... for only $9 more at the Home Depot but the panels are made of  a kind of paper and with two hyperactive cats, my best bet was this Ikea plain wood/vinyl divider.  I can just imagine my kitty cats running after eachother and crashing into my paper divider :(

So playing it safe.. I got this one for $99 (yeah! it was a little over budget... but it's something I could use for any other purpose in the future.
 photo RoomDivider_zps3d610c94.jpg
My shoes were all kept in their respective boxes in piles in different corners of my room and in two closets... I had to do something about it.... and here they are.... what a clutter... more things to dust and for cats to climb on but all handy... I can just grab a pair of shoes and go! no boxes to look through or risk forgetting what shoes I own.

I still however, keep the "nice" shoes in their boxes... the nice ones are the pricier ones and the delicate ones (made of rhinestones or high glitter content, etc.) (haha "content") anyway...

I still have two shelves inside one closet and three shelves inside another closet.  I am still re-arranging my closets so they may end up together (ideally) we'll see...

 photo IMG_0576_zpsdb623ba6.jpg

Best part is......
NO CLUTTER VIEW>.. this is the view from my bed!

Again, am still re-arranging my room as I think of new things and better ideas... but this is how it looks as of right now! and wondering why that nail polish rack is so empty?  that's my late-at-night go-to-stash! for those nights i want to do my nails but am too lazy to go where nail polish is kept! ^_^

 photo IMG_0579_zps11a6dedc.jpg

Something like this can be done to store your crafts, fabrics, nail polish, you name it!!!!! put everything behind a divider... maximize your storage space by using your walls!!!!

Trust me on this one.... when things are messy they're out of sight and when out of sight... out of mind!!!! you'll end up buying things you already own just because you cant remember if you have that or the other thing or not! like me... I can't remember if I have black patent leather shoes or not.. did I get rid of them? those are classics ... I can't find them... I just dont know .. but I'll know now!! :)

Hope you like it!!!!
I love readings your comments

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  1. it looks aaaaamzing!!!!!! i loooove it

  2. Love the idea of putting the shelves behind the divider. Wonderful for a bachelor apartment.