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Monday, February 10, 2014

Printcess Mineral Makeup

**press sample**

 photo IMG_0396_zps5695209b.jpg

As part of a product review, I received several samples from Printcess a mineral makeup shop.  I love the name of this brand "Printcess" Her story is an amazing one (read it HERE) this is perfect for the makeup lover and the added bonus book club member.  What a smart and pretty idea.

It was tricky getting eye shadow out of a baggie but once we (you and I) buy a few we wont have that problem.. am sure they'll come in real shadow containers. 
They are rich in color pigments for true color.  Here's how they look on my hand.

Look at the shimmer and matte finishes... My favorite was Manuscript (I hope you can see it) I swatched them in the same order as the picture above ;)  

 photo IMG_0392_zpsbfcb91ce.jpg

Here are some looks I came up with for quick on-the-go application.  
 photo IMG_0352_zpsaa81ff88.jpg  photo IMG_0360_zps0759a483.jpg  photo IMG_0367_zps0ea8247b.jpg 

I will continue to feature this brand with some killer looks... I just couldnt wait any longer to tell you about them :) 

After several conversation with Printcess, I can tell their #1 priority is customer service so you are guaranteed a great product and a company that's willing to stand behind what it makes :) 

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  1. I absolutely love the colors you wear them so well

  2. Some very pretty shades! They look great on your eyes :)

    1. very :) and thank you... yeah even for both of my eye colors lol! the right one is lighter and even lighter at times lol

  3. What a cool concept. I love the names of the shadows!

  4. Thanks so much for that GREAT review- I'm glad you liked them (and the colors look so good on you!). Manuscript is one of my favorites, too, for the versatility (and it's subtle, but looks good on every skin tone). Yay!