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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday # 5

Go Pink Wedensday
Today is the last Wednesday in October and final day of the Go Pink Wednesday event by fingerpaintingfingers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Click to see all manis Week 1Week 2Week 3 and Week 4.  Through out the month I've read stories from the other bloggers and fans and sooo many survivors thanks to early detection.  Please, look into screening and listen to your body.  Be a pink ribbon.  Don't let the ribbon turn black once the battle is lost.  

On a happy note, I have been away all this week, but thank goodness for the ability to schedule a post.  I am packing and running around like a busy bee so please excuse the lack of effort for this mani.  Although I wanted to do a pink Halloween mani my timing just didnt work :(  but I think it's not too shabby! 

This is my first Orly that I  got for $0.50 on Copious.com.  When you sign up at copious.com you receive a sign up  bonus of $10.00  off a $50.00 purchase How enabling is that??  and often, Copious releases even more bonuses to spend as you may like, that's how I was able to get this gorgeous Orly.   I decided on this color since I, God willing, will be on vacation in Hawaii.   I should be there by the time this post publishes.  EEEEK!  and the name of this polish is Hawaiian Punch (how appropriate) :D 

Anyway, when you use my direct  invite http://copious.com/invites/5011a4f76058f1724f00a5d5, you earn an invitation bonus of $10.00 to use right away.   yeap! $10.00!!  (that's how I got this baby for 50 cents) GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!! from the land of Aloha 

Embellished with Rainbow Honey A little Kindness 

and BM-321 image stamp. 

let me know your thoughts :) I love reading your comments and Feel free to post your pink manis on any of our pages or directly to Finger Painting Fingers' page. 
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  1. great stamping and I love the layering on your other nails!

  2. lovely! come see my manicure, too :)

  3. That pink is stunning! I cannot stop staring at its prettyness! Love the bow details too :) Hope you have a lovely holiday hun!

    Aysh xoxo

  4. I love that Orly! It's so gorgeous! :)