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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Certain Dri-72 hour protection

I love the outdoors, dancing, working out, walking (not running), enjoying a day on the beach (not necessarily the water), there are days I feel sexy and love my tight fitted clothes, eating out and love foods high in garlic and onion (don't judge me) but ALL of the above are activities and foods that increase perspiration and even smells and not very pleasant smells.  
I was given the opportunity to review Certain Dri the strongest available formula without a prescription and the #1 over-the-counter antiperspirant recommended by doctors for controlling excessive underarm sweat so I tried it hesitant of course as it claimed that I would not need to re-apply for 72 hours!!! too good to be true??

I followed the instructions and applied it after my evening shower (**sighs** I love my evening shower) as to allow  it to penetrate into the pores overnight.  I am sooo used to applying deodorant that for the first few days I kept re-applying (I seriously carry a travel size deodorant in my purse).   I finally noticed that I kept re-applying all for being accustomed not because I needed it.  So I took the 72 hour challenge and was willing to abide by it.  and Yeap!!! it worked... it looks just like a regular antiperspirant  and has a fresh powdery pleasant scent, not strong powder nor smells like medication.

I can raise my arms with confidence and wear my pretty silky blouses without the underarm wet look (yuck).

Where to buy?   mass market retailers, supermarkets and drug stores nationwide, as well as online at www.certaindri.com.  

How much does it go for??  $5.50 to $5.99 (typically 40% less than "clinical strength " antiperspirants*)

Learn more at www.CertainDri.com and join their sweat-free community at www.facebook.com/certaindri for offers and giveaways.

I received this product for free in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.  Regardless, I only recommend products that I like and believe that are good for my readers

Enter here for a chance to win Certain Dri YOUR choice of solid or roll-on.

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* information provided by Cetain Dri


  1. I sweat the most in the Summer months.

  2. I sweat the most when exercising!

  3. During the Summer most and also when I do my daily house cleaning :-/

  4. I sweat the most during chores. My hubby loves this stuff!

  5. Hanging out with friends in the summertime, which makes it all that more embarrassing :/

  6. Summertime is when i sweat the most.