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Saturday, May 26, 2012

eylure Naturalites Lashes

eylure 080

eylure is the UK's #1  false lashes brand and it finally premiered in the U.S. and I feel so lucky to have have received three sets for review.  I must warn you.  This was my first time attempting this  fabulous trend. 

This is eylure 080, a very natural super full lash look.
I went from this
bare/naked eye

eylure 080
To this with only these lashes and an eyeliner

It turned out to be very easy to put on, I was worried if I failed I'd have no chance and wouldnt be able to try again.  The good news is that they are reusable, just pull them off (I did it carefully) and put them back on the case.  The glue is super easy to apply then just place the lashes right above your own lash line.  If this seems complex, dont worry eylure also has pre-glued lashes for your convenience.

Put them AFTER all your make up is done.  It is also recommended that you curl your real lashes before applying these as fake lashes are curled and if you have your natural ones pointing in a different direction, your eyes will look weird.  I didnt do that becuase my own lashes are pretty curly. 

eylure 120
Next up is my second favorite, the eylure 120 Evening Wear, check me out!!! I felt like Betty Boop!! super sexy lashes.

bit of make up my natural lashes

eylure 120
Imagine these looked great with a smokey eye look!! super flirty, just cool!!!

eylure 116
The eylure 116 were my favorites for the simple reason that my boyfriend didnt notice them (I know what you're thinking-men dont notice these things) he happens to be very observant and just thought I had a new mascara... I love the natural look for every day affairs and these were cool enough for the trend and natural looking enough for everyday.  My eyes were smiling like Tyra Bank's =) FAVS!!!

I'd love to try the eylure party perfect for night out and the double lash for an intense-Katy Perry look =) 

You can get them at Ulta stores, Ulta.com, Fred Meyer and Meijer stores across the country for $5.99 and the party perfect for $6.99.

Also be sure to like them on Facebook

Again, this was my very first time and promise it will get better with practice ;)  I think I did ok!! =) 

I received these for free in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.  Regardless I only recommend products that I have tried and believe to be good for my readers.

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