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Monday, March 25, 2013

Maya's Stylish new collar with matching Bracelet for Human

 photo IMG_9077_zps82c64edf.jpg
 photo Meowmmys5_zpsaf9a1886.jpg

You saw Milo, my handsome tuxedo kitty sporting his tuxedo collar that he received for review from Meowmmy's World & Emporium.  In case you missed it, you can see it HERE he was even picked "cat of the day" at I Love My Cat.  Meowmmy's is a pet fashion Etsy store that manufactures "Unique handmade gifts for the discriminating feline and their human!" where you will find all sorts of hand crafted-unique items. 

As part of a product review, I received a collar for Maya, if you have read anything about her on this blog.  Maya is a lot more particular about reviews.  She's really honest and she will NOT sugar coat anything even if it means telling people she doesnt like them, including Milo and other children, fury or not, and of course, she wont wear things she doesnt feel pretty on! 

She loves her collar.  is adorned with different sizes and styles of silver beads and acrylic crystals as well as cream faux pearls on a silver chain and very light weight.

 photo Meowmmys4_zps33c1e735.jpg  photo Meowmmys3_zps140ac9ff.jpg

My babies are ready for any special occasion.   As a matter of safety, I wouldnt leave it on Maya all day while am out and they're unattended but when I home and they want to "dress up" I let them play with their collars on and they don't come off.   Very happy with the quality of the items.

These two are a huge part of my life and now they look 10000X more adorable.

 photo Meowmmys6_zps06b2c470.jpg

And what's better than accessorize you kitty???? HAVING MATCHING ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!!

 photo Meowmmys7_zps91ba3a35.jpg

Maya had been a good kitty on this day.  I decided to reward letting her get her lick fix.

 photo Meowmmys_zpsc5cf19b7.jpg
and how precious are we with matching accessories.

I love my princess soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo Meowmmys2_zps6f77badd.jpg

If you're looking for a one of a kind afordable item for your pampered and spoiled rotten pets
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