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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 2 : Luck of the Irish Challenge (tutorial)

Today's mani was a little more thought-out not like yesterday's that I had to pull off in 15 minutes... I told you I'd try to be better... but you got to be the judge of that :) 

Pot' o' Gold... it was hard... I had to practice a little on paper before I could do it on my nails so in hopes to help somebody out there, I made a little how-to post (tutorial).  If you're a pot of gold pro ignore and continue to the mani... if you're an amateur like me, enjoy it HERE.

 photo IMG_9019_zpsd6f8c828.jpg

 photo IMG_9018_zpsda0c5b71.jpg

 photo IMG_9017_zpsc66dc5fc.jpg

Maya photobombing 

  photo IMG_9009_zps223af93b.jpg

Curious about that gorgeous sky blue? check it out HERE

CLICK HERE to see the first day and please leave your comment below.  What do you think??

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