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Friday, March 15, 2013

Redapple Lipstick: Love your lips

Redapple Lipstick was founded after Jay (founder) met a lady who was very sick due to her intolerance to gluten. She felt less of a woman not being able to use lipstick like a "normal" girl. His heart went out to her and thereafter, accidentally he stumbled upon this super scientific breakthrough that made gluten free, paraben free lipstick fantastic.

Redapple lipstick, the "safest makeup in the world" also offers an exchange program, where you send in your old lipsticks and get new ones, no questions, no limits on brands or colors. Read more HERE.

As part of a product review, I received three of their products:
This is Plum Sexy Crazy.  At first I thought it was an orangy base, but because of the whitening effect on my teeth it's definitely a red base.  Gorgeous, I can see this on any skin color and is long lasting, not at all dry. My lips are perfectly moisturized.  Lip gloss is optional.  NOT needed. 


All products came in this re-usable environment friendly bag, I now use it to carry my cosmetics on the go. 
 photo IMG_9042_zpsd8950123.jpg

Liner, Lipstick and lipgloss 
 photo IMG_9035_zpsc08b57bd.jpg

Almost Red R-Evolution Retractable Gluten Free Lip Pencil / Lip Liner

Almost Red makes a perfect duo with Plum Sexy Crazy, for a beautiful lip outline.  you can also fill in your lips for more durability.  

Lastly, is Amor Caliente which means "hot love" is a shiny tint also from the red family.  Looks great alone and not overly shiny where you look like you just ate fried chicken with red sauce. 
It's perfecto.

Even though their name has the word lipstick on it they also make eye shadows with the same standards of quality and an array of shades.

The products are amazing.  the lipstick as well as the lipgloss smell divine. 
Best of all, is that Redapple Lipstick is a socially responsible company and has customer service as a priority. 

Any questions, check out their site and if that's not enough get a hold of its founder, by Jay himself: "If you need anything, have any questions, need some help, or any type of assistance, do not hesitate to email me, or call my office....So, I just wanted to introduce myself. I love meeting people, and I try my hardest to operate Red Apple Lipstick like no company you have ever met! Please reach out to me via email at jay@redapplelipstick.com" (complete list of ingredients below) Sounds like a full-disclosure type company to me! SCORE!!!

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PS: Shipping was super fast.

For a complete list of ingredients click HERE 
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