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Friday, March 29, 2013

Accessorize without breaking Piggy Bank

To accessorize is a must! Make a fashion statement without breaking Piggy Bank.
I was delighted to find Cleocat-fashion and to think I was only driven to it because of the word "cat" in its name :)

Turns out that Cleocat-fashion is an online fashion store providing wholesale prices in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia but also ship to virtually anywhere including the U.S.  Asia based, were founded in 2007.

I accessed their site thinking I would find cute cat things (lol) and to my surprise, found the latest trends in accessories at amazing prices.  Cleocat-fashion was super generous to provide some items for review.  

Take a look at these:
 photo IMG_9329_zps1e692625.jpg

Look at this cute panda bear ring.
 photo IMG_9337_zps482fa4e7.jpg  photo IMG_9341_zps153f097e.jpg

Musical notes ring
 photo IMG_9342_zps9f965986.jpg

Gorgeous kitty cat necklace
 photo IMG_9344_zps7df7c704.jpg

bling bling band bracelet :)
 photo IMG_9352_zpsd80c5e51.jpg
to go with my guess watch
 photo IMG_9350_zps8144f9e5.jpg  photo IMG_9354_zps418ea2ad.jpg  photo IMG_9381_zps551c3973.jpg

And my favorite: These gold-tone trees with gems earrings.  
 photo IMG_9384_zps6a4d7916.jpg

ALL OF THIS FOR NEARLY $12.00 (plus shipping)  and 10 days later I had it in my hands.  I of course had a lot of questions which were answered in a timely and professional manner.  This equals = GREAT customer service.

I honestly expected "cheap" looking and feeling items, but was presently surprised.  They are fashion accessories and seem very durable.  I have slept with several of these earrings, stepped on the treble cleff earrings and they have survived these catastrophes.  Although the quality has proven to be very good, I intend to add a coat of clear nail polish to the items with rhinestones, just to protect them and increase their life span.
For a look at ALL of their accessories click HERE... you'll be in love and in style.

Payment can be made using Paypal (I wouldn't do it any other way) for a secure and reliable transaction. A nominal paypal fee applies but will be waived with minimum purchase (minimum purchase very easy to meet).
I am not only a Cleocat-fashion reviewer.  I am their newest customer... purchased a dress... will tell you about it once I get it.

Be sure to visit their site 
and click HERE for shipping info.

FYI: products provided in exchange of my 100% honest opinion.


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