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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 1 of the Luck of the Irish Challenge: Green

Am not good when it comes to challenges, so am very nervous about this but am ready to take it on!!! 

Not just ready but very very excited.  EEEK

Earlier today, I contacted Dipped in Lacquer to see if I could still join and make sure it wasnt too late... she said YES!!!! so I joined.  Turns out this is a "real" challenge you must be active throughout the entire challenge not just one day or two so knowing how long my day will be today, I ran home during my lunch hour and am typing this on my break so I wont miss the first day.  

I apologize for the cell phone pictures but I got to work with what I have. 
I promise it will get better throughout the week (well, I promise I'll do better, I dont know if it will come out better) :-p 

Anyway here they are: 
3/13 GREEN! anything goes. 

Using Kleancolor and even Zoya Pixie Dust got a go here :) 

As I was leaving my house back to work with nail polish still dentable, I took these pics. 

While in the car, my 15 minute mani started to grow on me so picture again :) 

and how cool I just realized am wearing and matching my Skinny Jeans.

do you usually match your nails to your outfit or the other way around??  Today happened by mere coincidence. 

Check out these bloggers also participating in the challenge. 

While you're here dont forget the Instagram giveaway still active. ;)

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