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Friday, March 15, 2013

VB Beauty: Got Gel Eyeliner?

VB Beauty was founded in 2011 focusing in the use of the latest technological advances for better skin care solutions for both men and women. After extensive research, VB Beauty has assembled a small portfolio of products designed to bring innovation to everyday skin care solutions.

As part of a product review I received two of VB Beauty wonders.

First let me tell you.

Am not an eye liner type of gal, I have reviewed some that I really liked and have even given them a chance when out on the town :) but the VB Beauty Line Perfection Gel Eyeliner has really far exceeded all expectations. 

It's so easy to apply, long lasting and because of the gel and applicator there's no way you can mess up. thick/thin day or night it just works and perfect for smoky eyes.

 photo 1_zps398c2dce.jpg

(used Garden Botanika Primer , Starlooks November Starboxloose mineral eyeshadow and I love extreme volume mascara for the smoky eyes) 

But not just for fancy days and makeup... also welcome for some flare on "regular" days.

 photo 3_zps9603fd84.jpg

Comes in Blue, Black and Brown and retails for $19.50.
Very sleek and functional packaging.

 photo 2_zps441a77cb.jpg

I also received the VB Beauty Phyto Stem Cell Miracle Eye Set.  The Phyto Stem Cells are to help regenerate new tissue and renew the skin.  Cream comes in a pump-like container apply a little (just a little) then use the infusor tool (massager-like tool) in a circular motion around your eyes.  The infusor tool makes a slight buzzing sound, doesnt feel harsh or cause pain nor discomfort.  Has a silicon tip (put a dab of cream on that too) the Infusor tool is battery operated (battery included).

I can't tell you just yet the effects but I can tell you that after application, the area around my eyes feels very moisturized and very soft (not tender) soft like your hands after a sugar scrub (hope that makes sense)

 photo 4_zps08f31971.jpg

Wrinkle Spot Treatment Set retails for $39.00

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