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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

B&W: Day 2! Real challenge commences

 photo BampWNailArtChallengebanner_zps54ddb05b.jpg

Who thought of stamping ... ughhh!!! (cough cough was it me?) 
As if black and white ONLY wasnt enough of a challenge, stamping was sooo hard but after several attempts, i decided to like what I had come up with and left it at that.. then off course, top coat time came and messed even more the "design".

Using SinfulColors white and black on black with Pueen Plate and GA35 and several anger/frustration episodes this is what I was left with.

One thing,  I did do it on both hands :) yaaay! LoL!

 photo CAM01207_wm_zpsbc9f6ed9.jpg  photo CAM01206_wm_zpsf01a8a9e.jpg  photo CAM01205_wm_zps67e1673b.jpg

right hand nubs :) 

 photo CAM01204_wm_zps78c4defc.jpg  photo CAM01203_wm_zps0777041e.jpg

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  1. i love the ring finger on right hand super creative

  2. Wow loving all the detail here! :)

  3. I love how you did the diagonal division of black vs. white - gorgeous! :)
    And...those are your right hand nubs?! haha - you should see mine :P