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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things that catch my eye

I am no photographer or an overly enthusiastic amateur.. I just really like to snap and press that shutter button.. I guess that makes me an overly enthusiastic amateur (lol) 

I felt like sharing a few of the things that have caught my eye during the past year (2012).  All unedited. 

Sunset watchers at Waikiki Beach, HI my first time there! 

 photo 60276_152952924730012_5802295_n_zps325f4071.jpg
Waikiki Beach, HI

I love sunsets I hope you enjoy them too! 
A friend of mine once invited me to go see "the sunset set" (lol) #epic line! 

 photo 1001838_622099131148720_1418785986_n_zpsafa1e3c7.jpg
Readington, NJ 

 photo 59163_152952901396681_2102854_n_zpsf7fce78a.jpg
Somewhere in HI

 photo 47837_152952808063357_3198160_n_zpsada52b5a.jpg
Bellows or is it Belows? HI
Some of those pumpkins ended up in the pot then on the oven to eventually become part of the best pumpkin pie ever made! 
 photo 298788_290608944297742_2063417605_n_zps361baa84.jpg
Fall fun, NJ

 photo 299844_290612490964054_1389079965_n_zpsdc558c7f.jpg
Livingston, NJ

Can't have a post like this without some furry children (animals) in this case, the feathery ones were the stars
 photo 375642_468718759820092_158299991_n_zpsa6bcdf98.jpg
Ontario, CN

 photo 396873_468718783153423_1771687202_n_zpsa5c73def.jpg  photo 480604_468718729820095_342568336_n_zps66250323.jpg

and of course, flowers! 
 photo 487976_468719093153392_328572677_n_zps534ec880.jpg
Ontario, CN

I love this picture!!! 
It was really dark out.. my camera really pulled off this shot (so I think).  I call it "Bee Happy" :) 
 photo 182165_468719219820046_1048585041_n_zpsbb76d02c.jpg

This last one is actually this year at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Essex County, NJ.

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What do you think?? Do tell!!! I love reading your comments!!!! 


  1. Such a beautiful scenery! :)

  2. So jelly at how much you get to travel. Especially love the woodsy pic you took in NJ. I love camping in the woods and my dream house/life will be woodsy as well.

    1. Don't be jelly! it's called the Airlines Specials pages ;) last minute deals! :)
      my dream house would also be woodsy I loooove being outdoors :)

  3. I think the "Somewhere in HI" pic is of the Mokulua Islands on Oahu :)

  4. I think the "Somewhere in HI" pic is of the Mokulua Islands :)

    1. that kinda sorta rigns a bell... could be!! :) thank yoU!