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Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Blues

I really have the Monday Blues today. Back from a wonderful mini vacation with the fam. You just wish that long weekends were longer. Don't you? However, on the way there my cat hurts her nose trying to escape the kennel (post to come) then my nails suffer a bad bad break. (pic on instagram @bsnfun). As if all that wasnt enough am really hormonal just like that saying "I have PMS and a GPS which means am a bitch that can find you"
I can find whoever screws up my day but not camera... So these are lousy cellphone pictures :(
Can anything else go wrong?

 So last night was a good break from it all while picking what color to wear for the next few days! yeap! next few days. so I picked this combo of China Glaze colors. Sunday Funday from the Avant Garden Collection and Take a Trek from the Hologram Collection.  It just seems like everytime I want to wear these colors my nails break :(

   photo CAM01017_wm_zps2d573904.jpg  photo CAM01016_wm_zps6534f684.jpg  photo CAM01015_wm_zps481eeb43.jpg 
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  1. Pretty blue manicure! :) I love that you did a accent nail to it.

  2. Great combo, i love your accent finger :)

  3. Sorry about your cat and your nail. Hope you feel better soon! Both colors are beautiful and I love how they look together!

    1. :( yeah! my poor babies :( (baby #1=cat babies #2=nails) she acted like nothing happened afterwards.. so she's fine! :) thank God!